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Best Natural & Synthetic Area Rug Fiber Material for Ease of Cleaning High Traffic Areas in Danville, CA

Area rugs can be the finishing touch to any space. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colors and materials. One of the first things you need to decide on when you are selecting the right area rug for your space is the material that your rug will be made of. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some of the most common materials that you may see area rugs are made of when selecting the area rugs for your home.

Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Rugs that are made of natural fibers are usually more durable than those made of synthetic. They can come in different forms as well including hand woven, flat woven and hand tufted. Following are some of the natural fibers you will see.
Jute & Sisal: These rugs will be a more coarse rug, but are very durable. You will find that rugs made from these grasses are also full of textures that are hard to find elsewhere. People that suffer from allergies often choose this rug because allergens don’t get trapped in fibers like they do softer materials.
Silk & Viscose: Coming in very rich colors, silk and viscose are an extremely soft choice. Silk rugs will also add a nice sheen to your home and add depth to area rugs. They are often combined with wool because silk is not very durable on its own.
Cotton: Cotton has the ability to be dyed easily so the variety in color is abundant. You will usually find that cotton rugs are created using a flat weave or braided pattern. This rug will be a more casual look but is durable and usually able to be washed in your washing machine.
Wool: Of all the natural fiber rugs, wool is the most popular as well as the most durable of all your options. Wool can stand up to high amounts of traffic and is easily dyed as well so you can find a rug in any color and design of your choice.

Synthetic Fiber Area Rugs

Synthetic area rugs are machine-made and woven on a power loom. These rugs are easily customizable and a popular choice among homeowners because they are generally cost effective. Following are the synthetic options.
Nylon: This is a very versatile rug that comes in a variety of styles and colors. It is durable and very easy to clean. Because it repels dirt and other debris, these rugs can withstand high amounts of traffic. They are budget friendly, but won’t likely stand the tests of time like wool rugs.
Olefin: The most popular choice in rugs by far because it mimics the look and feel of wool. It holds color well and is stain resistant to boot. This is such a durable material actually, that it is often used to make outdoor rugs.

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