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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae Infestations in Carbona, CA; Steam Cleaning & More

Carpet beetle larvae are a common problem in homes and often times go unnoticed for lengthy periods of time. They are elusive household pests that prefer to hide in dark, less frequented areas of the home, away from human traffic. Unfortunately, many people realize they have an infestation when they see their bed linens or clothing has been destroyed. If the infestation gets bad enough, they can destroy your carpets from the bottom to the top in a short time. Adult carpet beetles feed mainly on plants. So, they are attracted to our homes by the colorful, tasty plants in our yards and eventually make their way indoors through open windows without screens, cracks or crevices around the doors or cracks in the walls. They then begin to breed inside our homes, and before we know it, they wreak havoc on our homes and belongings. Unlike other household pests, varied carpet beetles and their larvae are relatively simple to get rid of. Carpet Care 2000 will help you identify carpet beetles and larvae, point out common hiding places and explain how to get rid of them and keep them away.

Carpet Beetle Larvae Identification

Adults are oval shaped and sport black, white and yellow patterning on their bodies. Larvae look like tiny hairy worms with legs and are commonly known as “Woolly Bears”. Their bodies are covered in dense golden hair that may cause irritation to skin. They come in a light brown to black color.

Where to Find Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle adults don’t cause damage inside the home. One of the only ways you may notice their presence is to see a group of them gathered around windows. If you see a group of these beetles at the window, you can be sure there are larvae somewhere in your home. They frequent dark, less traveled spaces of the home such as closets, air ducts, under furniture, under carpets, under baseboards and in storage boxes or spaces. They are in search of organic material to feed on making leather, furs, silks, wool, bed linens, furniture and blankets prime feeding targets for carpet beetle larvae. A tell tale sign of their presence in a particular area would be shed skins or fecal pellets gathered in one area, or big holes chewed through upholstery, carpet or clothing.

Carpet Beetle Prevention & Removal

What to do if you find carpet beetle larvae in your home? Don’t panic. Carpet beetles are fairly simple to get rid of. Following are a few tips on how to get rid of carpet beetles and how to avoid an infestation in your home.
Vacuuming, sweeping & mopping– With good housekeeping you can deter carpet beetle larvae from making your home theirs. If you notice an infestation, you can suck up the larvae with a vacuum for easy removal.
Steam cleaning upholstery and carpets– By having your home steam cleaned by a professional at least once a year, you can ensure you are killing off any unwanted pests that may be lurking in your carpets or furniture. Steam cleaning not only kills carpet beetles and their larvae, it effectively removes carpet mites and 99% of viruses and bacteria in the treated areas! This is the most effective way to control carpet pest infestations!
Proper clothing storage– Always launder clothing before packing it away for storage. Putting clothing into boxes with stains attracts carpet beetle larvae. Place the laundered clothing or bed linens into sealable plastic bags, then pack them into airtight containers to keep unwanted pests out. Every so often, pull out these boxes and clean under and around them to check for pest activity.

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Carpet Care 2000 will happily assist you with any carpet beetle larvae infestation you may be dealing with. Give our office a call if you have further questions or would like to schedule a steam cleaning today!

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