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Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths in San Ramon, CA; Carpet Powders Are Bad for Carpets & More

When it comes to the professional carpet cleaning that deeply removes dirt and debris, extracts stains and neutralizes odors. There are many who have been lead to believe the different myths associated with this beneficial service and other carpet treatments. We at Carpet Care 2000 would like set the record straight on these myths.

Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth: Over vacuuming causes premature wear of carpets.
Fact: No amount of vacuuming can cause your carpets to decay. However, allowing the dirt and grit to fester is what deteriorates carpet.
Myth: Carpet shampooers available for public consumers are equal to professional grade equipment.
Fact: The shampooers available on the market are generally adequately equipped to disperse water in your carpet and extracting some of the water, however, is not as efficient which often leads to mold and water damage. Professionals have access to industrial strength, powerful state-of-the-art truck mounted equipment that is designed for excessive use and reliable, effective cleaning treatments.
Myth: You save cash opting for cheaper carpet.
Fact: You get what you pay for when it comes to the carpeting. Carpet that is inexpensive is so because of the low quality fibers and poor manufacturing. Cheap carpet deteriorates rapidly, requiring carpet replacement sooner. High quality carpets are a better investment for long term use.
Myth: Professional carpet cleaning is an expensive commodity that you don’t necessarily need.
Fact: Professional carpet cleaning is a very common service and a competitive industry; making professional carpet cleaning very affordable. Getting the carpets professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year or more so if needed, will prolong the carpet’s lifespan, improve the indoor air quality, control allergen contaminants, reduces bacteria exposure, and keeps the carpets looking pristine and in optimal condition.
Myth: Hard surface floors are more ideal for chronic allergy sufferers.
Fact: Hard surface floors will continually kick up the allergy causing elements into the air as it settles on the surface by the foot traffic. Easily retracted by regular vacuuming, the carpet fibers trap allergy components.
Myth: Steam cleaning damages and ruins carpets.
Fact: In the professional cleaning process, a popular method is steam cleaning; using hot water to push the filth up and extract the dirty water. A trained technician is well versed in the equipment and process that removes the underlying dirt, stains, and odors that leave carpets clean, deodorized, and sanitized without inflicting any damage to carpets. When the untrained user attempts to utilize the equipment incorrectly, carpets can be ruined.
Myth: Carpets that appear clean do not need their annual cleaning.
Fact: Some carpets can camouflage the dirt better than other. Over time the dirt, bacteria, and debris builds up and if it is not removed, the carpets can be negatively impacted.
Myth: Carpets installed less than two years ago do not require professional cleaning.
Fact: From day one of installation the dirt and soil starts to deposit beneath surface. The damage the debris causes carpet has been sent into action far before the time you can see the dirt. A preventative approach is to get a professional carpet cleaning about a year after installation to extend the life and vibrancy of your fresh new carpet.
Myth: Carpet deodorizer powder keeps carpet fresh and clean for long periods of time.
Fact: These products are a temporary fix and overused scented carpet powders cause unnecessary damage. It is impossible for the vacuum to collect all the powder, and the residue left behind only creates additional abrasive related damages.
Myth: Carpets get filthier fast following a professional cleaning.
Fact: Maybe applicable in the early years of professional carpet cleaning, as the carpet shampoo would leave a residue behind that dirt clung to. But modernly speaking, the technological advances and improved detergents no longer have that effect.

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