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How to Keep Carpets Clean this Summer in Dublin, CA; Shoes Off, Runners, Door Mats & More

The summer is the time of year that kids are off from school and there are swimming parties and lots of fun in the sun. Summer is a long awaited time of the year that people love for many reasons. The problem is that there will be more and more foot traffic coming in and out of your home with the open schedules. The foot traffic adds dirt and grime not only to your home but your carpets and floors as well. That means that you are stuck cleaning more often and trying to keep up with the dirt that follows kids around. There are some great tips to help with a big part of the dirt that comes in contact with your carpets.

Carpet Care 2000 Offers Tips On How To Keep Your Carpets Clean this Summer

Shoes Off the Carpet Rule: One of the most common ways that dirt is tracked into the house is on shoes. The shoes are worn outdoors in the yard, street and sidewalk where they are picking up dirt, debris and other messes. Then someone comes in the house and brings all that same amount of mess on the carpet. If you want to eliminate the dirt that comes in on shoes, have everyone take off their shoes when they enter your home. It’s a great idea to set a bin outside the front door so that people have a place to set their shoes when they arrive. You can also have a shoe rack if you want a more organized way to keep the shoes. You also can add some signage so people are aware that you want them to remove their shoes.
Runner Rugs & Doormats: The next thing that you can do to keep the dirt out of your house and off the carpets is to set up a mat by the door. You don’t want to just set one up near the front door but the back and the garage as well. These are all ways that people will use to come in and out of the house. Even if you have people take off their shoes you might still have some stragglers as well as pets that come in and out. The mats or rugs will help to collect the dirt and debris on their feet, shoes and paws. Be sure that you shake out the rugs or clean them often to remove as much dirt as possible.
Clean the Carpets Often: You want to be sure that you run the vacuum as often as possible so that you can remove as much dirt as you can. The longer the dirt is allowed to sit the more damaged the carpet can become. Be sure you have a good vacuum that is maintained to keep it working well. You then want to have a professional come out and clean the carpets as well.

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