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Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Spots on Carpets in Mountain House, CA; Neutralize & Dye Carpet Solution

Stains are no picnic when your carpet is involved. Whenever an offensive blemish finds its way onto your adored carpet you stop at nothing to rid your carpet of such atrocity. As you consult the all knowing internet for answers on the most effective remedy, it is imperative you understand bleach spots on your carpet. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to expound on bleach spots. Understanding the fundamentals of bleach is important to know before you begin treating the stain, but remember immediate action is optimal.

What Does Bleach Do to Carpet?

Following a bleach spill, after the wave of emotions passes, it’s important to know that bleach is not a stain. A common misconception about bleach is that it causes stains; from there you look on labels and research the best way to remove the bleach “stain”. But unfortunately when bleach hits your carpet a whole different chain of events take place as opposed to accidentally spilling some wine. The reason being is that bleach is actually a chemical agent that dissolves color. Once it hits your carpet it begins absolving the color pigment. In this case, you can’t simply apply some vinegar and boom, your carpet is now restored to its original glory. However, bleach or bleach related products makes contact with your carpet, you can minimize the damage by halting the progress.

How Not to Treat Bleach on Carpet

Avoid the following when treating bleach:
o Avoid using hot water when treating bleach stains.
o Avoid any colored or printed cloths, towels, or paper towels to treat bleach stains.
o Avoid friction from rubbing, scrubbing, and wiping with force.

How to Get Bleach Spots Out of Carpet

1) Using a white cloth gently blot the excess moisture from the carpet; if needed use multiple dry rags to absorb the liquid. (If you use a dyed or printed cloth, the dye or print can potentially be transfer onto the carpet, to be on the safe side, use plain white cloths to tend to your bleach stain.) Blot the outer rims of the stain and work your way in towards the center to better contain the stain. Use light pressure to blot in an effort to avoid pushing the bleach deeper into the fibers.
2) Sparingly, sponge cool water onto the stain, blot with a dry towel in between rinsing to avoid over saturation. .
3) In a squirt bottle, combine 8oz or 1 cup of cool water and ¼ cup white vinegar and mix well. Moderately spray the well mixed solution onto the bleached area. Let the mixture set for 5 minutes.
4) Use a damp cloth and blot the spot to rinse the out the solution.
5) Use a towel to blot the dampness away, after you feel you have gotten as much water out as possible, place a dry cloth on the area and use something solid to weigh it down; let it sit overnight. This will ensure a thorough drying.
6) Contact a professional to perform an affordable bleach repair service.

Bleach Spot Repair in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If you have any questions regarding bleach spots on carpet, contact Carpet Care 2000 and we will happily assist you.

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