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How to Get Dried Bright Orange & Other Colored Toddler Food Stains Out of Carpet in Walnut Creek, CA

Allow us to paint the scene. It has been a busy morning. You got some basic chores finished the morning routine has been running relatively smooth considering the toddler sized energizer is doing what they do best. Realizing you have some errands to run that require somewhat clean and matching clothes, and maybe the need to put some kind of order to your hair, you attempt to distract the aforementioned toddler with their favorite cartoon or toy to flint into a room 5 feet away, for a mere 5 minutes. But alas, 3 minutes into your public preparation ceremony, it is too quiet; your mission now is to find out what the suddenly quiet toddler is up to. Yes, you guessed it, disaster. The toddler, you didn’t even realized had the height or strength to peal the refrigerator door open has grabbed an array of treasures. Smashed raw eggs, cheddar cheese sticks and ranch dressing are all now expertly smeared in your freshly cleaned carpets. But don’t stress out, Carpet Care 2000’s has some tips to get this interesting combination of stains out. (Here’s a high five to those who kept their cool, and for those that experienced a wave of emotions, here is an understanding backrub for you.)

How to Remove Egg Stains from Carpet

1. Using a spatula or something similar with a dull edge, scrape the bulk of the eggs gently up. Having a bowl or paper towel handle might be helpful will you scoop up the bulky remains.
2. Combine 1 cup warm water, with ½ tsp of mild liquid dish soap, and 2 tbsp of white vinegar.
3. Apply a generous amount of the solution onto the stain, but do not over saturate.
4. Using ether clean and dry paper towels or cleaning cloths, blot up the stain. Be sure to avoid the rubbing and scrubbing impulse as that could push the stain deeper into the carpet.
5. Repeat if stain persists.
6. Be sure the moisture is blotted up, and allow to dry well.

How to Remove Cheese from Carpet

1. Using either a spoon or spatula, or some kind of dull edge, scoop up the chunks of cheese.
2. Sprinkle some corn starch on the stain. Do not be excessive, but you do want to make sure the stain is covered. Allow to set 15 minutes.
3. Brush or sweep away the corn starch.
4. If stain remains, sponge on a thin layer of mild liquid dish soap and allow it to set 15 minutes.
5. With a damp sponge or clothe blot away stain and cleanser residue.
6. Allow to dry thoroughly once excess moisture is blotted away with a dry cloth.

How to Get Ranch Dressing Out of Carpet

1. Using a spoon, spatula or something with a dull edge, scoop up the excess ranch dressing.
2. In a squirt bottle, or small bowl combine 1 cup of warm water and a tsp of white vinegar.
3. Apply some well mixed solution on the stain, and allow it set for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Using a damp, clean cloth, blot up the stain.
5. Repeat if necessary.
6. Using a clean and dry towel, blot up the remaining moisture.

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