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Can My Carpet Be Making Me Sick in Altamont, CA? Pet Accidents, Spills, Dust Mites & More that Lives in Carpets

The carpet in your home was a big investment. It is important that you know what dangers are out there that can have a large impact on how long your carpet lasts before needing replacement. Carpet can get dirty and damaged if you aren’t careful. There are several things that can be a danger to your carpet that you should be aware of so you can avoid having problems as a result. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some of the dangers that can end up causing damage to your carpet to help you extend the life of your carpet as much as possible.

Foot Traffic Areas on Carpet

One of the most damaging things to your carpet is actually foot traffic. As your carpet gets older, you may notice that there are areas that have matted fibers, dark patterns or other discoloration. This usually happens when the traffic in your room remains the same. You can change this up by moving your furniture around. When you move large pieces of furniture, it naturally will change the way that people navigate the space. You can also combat this by having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. You can do this on your own with frequent vacuuming, but you should also rely on professionals to keep it deep cleaned a couple times a year.

Pet Accidents on Carpet

It’s no secret that pets can do a number on your carpet. If your pet isn’t fully trained, it can be a messy situation. Not only are their accidents a problem, but there are a lot of pets that shed. The pet dander and hair that comes with pets can cause damage to your carpet as well. Not only will this all damage the fibers of your carpet and leave them stained, but it can also create odors that can be difficult to get rid of on your own. If you have bad odors as a result of pets in your home, professional carpet cleaning can help.

Carpet Spills

Even when you are extremely careful, accidents tend to happen. When you have spills that happen on your carpet, it can cause staining that is hard to remove. Things like coffee, nail polish, wine, food and other spills are difficult to remove.

Heavy Furniture Can Damage Carpet

People don’t realize that heavy furniture can be damaging to your carpet as well. It may not cause damage when it is sitting still, but when you attempt to remove it without completely lifting it off the floor, it can cause significant damage to carpet. This can cause sagging and tearing.

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If you have carpet that could use a deep cleaning, you can count on Carpet Care 2000 to help. Our professional carpet cleaning services will leave your carpet like new. It doesn’t matter how much heavy staining you have on your carpet, we can remove it. There are no stains that are too touch for us. Call us today!

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