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How Do You Tell if Your Carpet has Mold in Manteca, CA? Musty Odor, Discoloration, Dampness & More

The last thing that any homeowner wants to find out is that they have mold in their carpet somewhere. This can be a difficult thing to get rid of anytime it is growing your home, let alone in your carpet. When you have experienced water in your home for any reason, the risk of mold growing is something that you should be concerned about. If you do have mold growing in your carpet, there are sure to be some signs that it is there. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about what mold in your carpet looks like.

How to Detect Mold in Carpet?

You should be on the lookout for these signs if you have experienced a flood or water damage that indicate there is mold growing in your carpet.
– Musty Carpet Odors: When you have mold growing anywhere in your home, including your carpet, there is usually an odor that is present. If you haven’t smelt mold before, you should be looking for a musty smell. The smell is very distinct and most people can pick up on it right away. When you live in or work in a space, you may spend enough time there that you can’t detect the odor as easily. Ask someone else to come into the space if you think mold might be an issue so they can smell for themselves and let you know if there is an odor you are missing.
– Carpet Discoloration: Another clue that mold is present is discoloration. Often, mold will look dark brown or black when it’s growing in your carpet. However, it can also be green or white as well. Mold usually grows in patches and is easy to see once the fibers of your carpet start to become discolored.
– Dampness of Carpet: You never want to feel your carpet is damp for a prolonged amount of time. If this happens, it is easy for mold to start to flourish. Too much humidity in your home can be a big problem and one of the reasons mold becomes so likely. Make sure the humidity levels in your home are normal and there there is no moisture in your carpet.
– Health Problems: Another sign you have mold growing in your carpet is one that is often missed. If you have noticed that you have some respiratory issues that won’t seem to go away, it can be caused by mold. Mold growth in your home can be extremely bad for your health. This is especially true for the really young and old people in your family.

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If you have experienced any water damage in your home or business or have noticed that there are signs of mold in your carpet, you can call on the professionals at Carpet Care 2000. We will help you clean up and dry out after water damage to help you avoid any mold growth in your home. Call us today!

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