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Why is Mattress Cleaning Important in Lathrop, CA? Benefits, Steps to Clean a Mattress, How Often & More

The chore of cleaning our mattresses is a household task that often gets overlooked. Though the mattress may seem and feel clean most of the time, this is an important task since there is always the chance that dust mites and bacteria can thrive here. This filth is not something you can see more often than not. A mattress cleaning service can help if you are not sure how to clean your mattress, and even if you do, a professional deep clean once a year is good. Though not every mattress is made the same, professionals can ensure they are appropriately cleaned. When you have a mattress cleaned by a pro, we at Carpet Care 2000 would share some basics on what you can expect.

Steps to Clean a Mattress

A variety of things will happen when you are getting your mattress cleaned, but the details will depend entirely on what kind of mattress you own. It is always the best option to clean with water, vinegar, or other cleaning solutions. However, no matter what mattress you have, the best way to get your mattress cleaned is using steam cleaning methods. In order to remove any dust mites and what they leave behind, you can vacuum your mattress. Dead skin cells, dust, debris, and other debris can be easily maintained by vacuuming mattress every few months. Make sure to vacuum slowly in a grid pattern, overlapping the sections, using the hose to clean out creases. Make sure to vacuum the top, sides, and back. To remove odors and clean the mattress, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and add a few drops of essential oils if you prefer a specific scent for a bit. The safest and healthiest way to clean mattresses is with heat and steam will disintegrate any dust mites and their excrement as well as remove sweat buildup. Additionally, will also destroy any fungi that are living or trying to grow on a mattress. Steam cleaning can also remove most stains and odors as well.

How Often are You Supposed to Clean Your Mattress?

It is time to get your mattress cleaned if in the event you have never had your mattress cleaned or tried to clean it yourself. Put the mattress cleaning job on your calendar twice a year to ensure it is well-kept. Your efforts should be done every 2-3 months as well. Since during the year our skin will shed and will stay on the mattress, even when we have sheets on the bed, this is the recommendation. An unclean mattress can be the perfect place for dust mites, microbes, and other contaminates to thrive in. Considering that the average person will spend 1/3rd of their life in bed, keeping it clean keeps the indoor air quality better as well keeps your sleeping space in a healthier environment.

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