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Can You Clean Carpets in Cold Weather in Danville, CA? Vacuum Often, Professional Steam Cleaning & More

Winter can be such a fun time of year. Gathering together for meals, family and friends coming over, and parties. Are you the type of person who always has something planned this time of year and people are coming over to your home? If you are having people over you will want to make sure your carpet is clean and stays clean while people are over. It won’t be fun if after everyone leaves you having dirt and mud all over your carpet that you now have to clean up. Carpet Care 2000 is going to give you a few tips on how to help your carpets stay clean this winter season.

How Can I Protect My Carpet at the Front Door?

When you are trying to keep your carpets clean, a great place to start is making sure your pathway to your house is clean. Sweep away all the leaves and dirt that might be on your pathway. With the pathway clean then less dirt, leaves and mud will be tracked inside your house. You may not realize how easy things can be tracked through your house if your pathway outside is dirty. When it is dirty then it will come right in your home and on your carpets. Even if it’s windy outside those leaves can find their way inside your house.

Use Dirt Trapper Mats to Keep Carpet Clean

Did you know that there are different types of mats you can use for your home? There are inside and outside mats that can help with dirt. There is a scraper-style entrance mat that will go outside in front of your door. This mat can help scrape your shoes before you enter your home. Then there are softer mats that you put inside of the front or back door to trap any remaining soil from shoes. Using these can help eliminate some of the dirt from being tracked into your house.

Vacuum Carpet Often

You should make vacuuming a daily chore. This will help keep the dirt from getting down inside your carpet. This will help make it look and feel cleaner every day. With winter comes wind and rain or even snow every once in a while here in Las Vegas. When that happens mud happens. If you get mud on your carpet, let it dry first! Don’t try and get it off when it is still wet and muddy. That will make it harder to get out. So once it has dried up and hardened then it will be easier to vacuum the mud up.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

During the holidays you can have a lot of guests over to your home. This is a perfect time to get your carpets professionally cleaned before your holiday fun begins. Make your carpets look great before everyone shows up to meals and parties. Carpet can be so wonderful to have. It makes your home feel warm and cozy. Don’t let dirty carpet be the reason your home feels dirty and gross. Carpet Care 2000 will come and make your carpet look clean and great again for the new year.

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