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Caring for Carpet in High Traffic Areas with Pets & Kids in Banta, CA; Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Carpets are used in many homes to add warmth and comfort and are a great option for homes with children and pets. If you have children and/or pets in your home, you’re well aware that they are messy. When children and pets are running through your home it can seem like a losing battle trying to keep it clean from juice spills to food crumbs and dirty paws. Children and pets can make a space look like a bomb went off and can have a negative impact on your carpets. Carpets can become dirty and soggy in no time. Even though you get to it quickly and blot, some of it has gone deeper and will stay in the carpet fibers. This can lead to infections down the road. To reduce any future problems, you’ll need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Carpets that get a lot of foot traffic need to stay clean for children and pets.

Benefits of Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming is not enough to clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning removes allergens and pet dander from deep in your carpets. Left to linger in your carpets, allergens and pet dander can cause allergies, infection and illnesses for children and pets. They are easily susceptible to these because they spend so much time on the carpet compared to adults. When carpets are cleaned they keep dirt and diseases at bay too. A buildup of dirt can cause asthma and eczema in children and pets. Clean carpets are also free of dirt and dust particles that can be inhaled.

How to Clean Your Carpet Safely

Some spot removers have harsh chemicals in them. To avoid harmful residue from staying in your carpet, avoid them and use environmentally friendly products. There are spot cleaners that work great without using harsh ingredients that some have. Many common cleaning solutions contain a mixture of chemicals that can be dangerous. The strong smell that comes out of a bottle of cleaning product is a good indication that there are chemicals in there. Even though you keep these products locked away and out of you children’s reach, they are still exposed to the toxins. Many spot cleaners contain bleach, ammonia and perchloroethylene (PERC). These will emit vapors that your children and pets can breathe in and since your children’s brains are still growing, it’s something you’ll want to avoid. Their growing brains are more vulnerable to these toxins that ours and exposure to certain chemicals can have an impact on endocrine, immune and neurological development.

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We want our carpets to be clean for our children and pets. Clean carpets are healthy carpets without residue and toxins left behind. Choose a company that uses ecofriendly cleaning products that aren’t harmful to your children and pets. These cleaning products clean without harmful chemicals and eliminate odors that pets leave behind. Make sure you go with a company that specializes in carpet cleaning for children and pets like Carpet Care 2000. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today!

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