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How Often Should You Replace the Carpet in Your Lyoth, CA Home & Signs It’s Time for New!

Most homeowners will try to extend the life of their home’s carpet by regularly vacuuming and cleaning them. However, carpet isn’t the type of flooring that will last forever. As time passes, your carpet will receive wear and tear and begin to show signs that it’s time to replace it. There are many signs that determine when a carpet needs replacement and Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some of these common signs with you today.

Signs You Need New Carpet Installation in Your Home or Office

Carpet Stains – As carpet stains occur, it important to clean the stain as soon as possible to—hopefully–remove the stain from the carpet. The longer a stain sits on carpet the harder it can become to remove. Sometimes those stains may never be removed. As carpet becomes dirty you should have it professionally cleaned to help extend the life of your carpet. As carpets age they become harder and harder to clean and even after deep cleaning they still look dirty. When you’ve tried to deep clean your carpets and they still don’t look clean, this is a good time to consider replacing your carpets.
Wear on Carpet – There are different types of wear that carpets will get over time. In some cases, the pile may begin to unravel, and you have strings of carpets sticking out everywhere. Another wear sign may be when holes develop in your carpets from furniture, pets, burn marks, or even pests. Most people don’t realize each time they vacuum their carpet’s small threads from the fiber gets sucked up. Over time your carpet pile will look thinner and even flatter. There is no repair available when your carpet has these types of wear. This means it’s time to replace your carpet.
Carpet Odors – When carpets develop odor you should have your carpet professionally cleaned and deodorized. However, sometimes the odors are deep inside the carpet and in the under padding which doesn’t get treated. To clean the under padding of the carpet you will have to remove the carpet to clean the padding. In most cases, the cause of the odor has also damaged the padding and it’s better to replace the padding. Depending on the age of the carpet and the cause of the odor, it may be better to replace both the carpet and padding especially if the odor is due to water damage and mold. Pets are the next major culprit for bad odors. Again, pet stains can be treated and kept in check as long as carpets are regularly cleaned. However, over cleaning carpet due to pet problems can damage or wear down carpet faster which often result in replacing the carpet.
Indoor Allergies – Carpet is one of the major culprits for those who suffer from indoor allergies. Carpets can hold on to dust, dander, pollen and other contaminates that causes indoor allergies. Again, having your carpet cleaned will help remove most of the pollutants trapped inside carpets. However, as carpets age the pile becomes more and more contaminated and becomes harder to properly clean. If you continue to suffer from allergies after carpets have been cleaned, it may be time to replace your carpets.
Time – In most cases, carpets need to be replaced due to time, unless there was an accident from flooding. If a carpet is properly cared for with regular vacuuming and cleaning, most carpets will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on the carpet’s exposure. Pets, kids, and heavy foot traffic tend to shorten the life of carpet along with neglect. When your carpets are 10 years or older, it is probably time to replace them.

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