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Carpet Cleaning Myths & Mistakes in Vernalis, CA; Bleach is Not a Carpet Cleaner & More!

There are some myths and mistakes that just won’t go away when it comes to carpet cleaning such as wet carpets taking two days to dry or wool carpets shrinking when they are cleaned. If the carpets in your home are taken care of the right way they can last for a very long time. On the flipside, taking care of them incorrectly will have you replacing them in as little as a few years because they will age quickly and look worn. The number one reason that carpets get damaged is misinformation. Myths and mistakes can take a huge toll on your carpets. When it comes to keeping your carpets in great shape there are things you should know.

Carpet Cleaning & Care Myths & Mistakes

Myth-It takes days for carpet to dry. This myth is both true and false. Carpet can take days to dry but only if improperly cleaned. If your carpet takes more than 24 hours to dry, then too much moisture was used. If your carpet is really dirty than more moisture will be needed and will take longer to dry. Carpets should only take 30 minutes to 24 hours to dry.
Myth- Bleach can clean anything. While we use bleach to clean a lot of things, it’s not for carpets and can cause serious damage. Bleach isn’t technically a cleaner anyway, it’s a disinfectant that is meant to kill bacteria and remove some stains. It’s not for removing dirt from carpet. It may be an easy way to clean but will most likely cause more damage than it’s worth.
Myth- Carpet cleaning causes damage. Another myth born out of improperly taking care of carpet. Just like your clothing, carpet can stand a cleaning and correct cleaning methods will make it last longer too. If you don’t do it right and use harsh chemicals or scrub too hard then yes, the carpet can be damaged
Myth- Wool carpets will shrink. Nothing could be further from the truth with this myth. Wool carpets actually expand when they get wet. Skilled carpet cleaners can clean wool carpets without affecting the size.
Myth- More soap means cleaner carpet. This myth goes beyond carpet and seems correct when you say it but is totally wrong. Soap works when it interacts with water to remove dirt and stains. If you use too much soap and not enough water then all you have is more soap residue left behind. Carpets with too much soap left behind can damage the fibers. Use as little soap as needed to get the carpet cleaned to prevent this.
Mistake- Only using price to choose a cleaner. Having your carpets cleaned isn’t overly expensive but we all want to save money, right? It’s best to go with a cleaner that has positive reviews because carpet is expensive and choosing the cheapest cleaner can be a big mistake. Cheaper cleaners typically use inexperienced workers and use too much soap and/or water, causing damage. It’s better to pay a little more for a better job.
Mistake- Cleaning bad stains on your own. You can make a bad stain much worse by trying to clean it on your own. As tempting as it is to throw anything you have on hand onto a stain and start scrubbing, it’s better to call experienced professionals.

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