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How to Repair & Patch Carpet Holes & Damage By Pets in a Doorway or Other Area in Altamont, CA

Our carpets are exposed to so many different types of elements and each can cause several types of damages. When a hole appears you might wonder when or how it occurred. While you puzzle over the mysterious hole you will need to repair it. Carpet Care 2000 will walk you through the steps on what you will need and how to replace the hole in your carpets.

How to Replace a Damaged Patch of Carpet

When you’re repairing a hole in the carpet, you will need a handful of tools and materials. Start by getting a ruler, markers, a utility knife, heavy-duty carpet tape, a carpet tractor and a piece of particleboard or plywood about 1 square foot in size.
Step 1. With your ruler and marker, outline the hole, you can either draw a square or triangle around it. Avoid circles as they are harder to match later. The shape of the hole will dictate whether you use a square or triangle if both work well, then it is up to you and the choice you want to make.
Step 2. Hopefully you kept some remnant pieces of your carpet when it was first installed. If not, go to hardware store and see if you can find a piece that will match. As a last resort, you can cut out a piece of the carpet in a closet or discrete area to use for the repair. Measure out the outline that you’ve drawn and cut the replacement piece to fit the outline. It helps to use a sharp utility knife with a fresh blade.
Step 3. Now cut out your outline. Make sure not to cut through the padding underneath the carpet. You can use the plywood to place underneath the carpet if possible. After cutting your outline out make sure your replacement piece fits. If not, hopefully you have enough material to try again.
Step 4. Before taping the piece down, make sure the fiber or the nap of the replacement piece lines up with the rest of the carpet. You may want to place arrows underneath it to make sure you know the proper directions.
Step 5. Next, cut out pieces of the carpet tape to outline the edges of the hole in the carpet. Place the tape so half is underneath the carpet and the other half is exposed on the edge of the hole. Then place the replacement piece down in the hole. Make sure your arrows line up so that the nap of the carpet lines up correctly.
Step 6. Lastly, roll the carpet tractor to help blend in the seams of the nap so the edges aren’t outlining the hole or the repaired sections of the carpet.

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At this point, hopefully, the hole is repaired and you have now discovered the cause of the hole. Was it the dog? If you find you’re having trouble repairing the hole and can’t afford replacing the entire carpet, contact Carpet Care 2000. We provide many valuable services and we can help repair carpets. If you find that you’re in need of any of the many services that Carpet Care 2000 provides, contact us and schedule an appointment for us to visit today!

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