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How Often Should You Replace Carpet in Your Banta, CA Home? Stains, Age, Padding & More

When you are looking to have your carpets cleaned there are some things to consider. You can have a schedule so that you have them cleaned on a regular basis which will help them last longer. You may need to have them cleaned more often if you have pets in your home or a lot of foot traffic. Just like these considerations when having the carpets cleaned there are some to look at when you realize they need to be replaced. The carpets should last 8-10 years as long as you take care of them. If you get to a point that you think the carpets are ready to be replaced you must consider why.

Carpet Care 2000 Lists Signs You Can Look for When You Need to Replace Your Carpets

Carpet Stains: When it comes to new carpet most of them have a coating on them that will protect them from spills. The protectant will wear off and when you spill on the carpet after some time it will start to soak in faster. There are tips and tricks for removing stains from your carpet as well as the help of a professional carpet cleaner. With that said there are some stains that get overlooked and could stay on the carpet making them hard to impossible to remove. When your carpets are starting to have stains that are left and cannot be removed it may be time to replace them. If you choose to replace them you will want to be better at having them cleaned on a regular basis and treating for stains right away.
Condition of Old Carpet Padding: The actual layer of carpet is really only part of the flooring. The carpet is laid on the ground over the padding. The padding is the first layer that is an important part of the floor and the comfort. The thicker and more durable the pad the longer it tends to last. When you have been using the carpets for a long time or you have insufficient padding you will start to notice the comfort slipping. This is a sign that the carpets will need to be replaced as well as the padding.
How Old is My Carpet?: If you are thinking it is time to have new carpets installed you should think of the age of the current carpet. You can change out the carpet simply to upgrade the look and feel of the room but you might need to because it has started to wear out. The carpets, as long as they are cared for, can last quite a few years. If you have had your carpets for eight to ten years you may be in need of new carpets. That is the recommended length of time that they are supposed to last.

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If you thinking of replacing your carpet you want to consult with a professional that has installation experience. Carpet Care 2000 can come out and make decisions about the carpet and what would be best in your home.

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