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Carpet Cleaning Pricing Guide in Walnut Creek, CA; Size of Room or Area, Pets Living in Home & More

When you have decided that you need to have your carpets cleaned you may wonder what it is going to end up costing you. Some people choose to do it themselves and rent a machine from a home improvement store. The problem is that you have to pay to rent a machine then transport it to your home. Then you need to figure out how to set it up and use it properly. Another trip to the store to get the cleaning solution that you will need use just adds more time to you already lengthy task. That is really only part of the process because then you have to use a mediocre machine to try and get your carpets clean. DIYers mean well but it’s easy to use too much detergent which results in the carpet attracting more dirt. Plus plug in machines can’t extract all the dirt, cleaning solutions and water which can lead to dirty carpet and mold issues as well. It is always better to allow a professional to come out and clean carpets for you. They can give you an estimate for the cleaning by asking a few important questions about your carpets. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what a professional carpet cleaner will ask to determine the cost of your carpet cleaning services.

Size of the Room or Area to Be Cleaned

One of the main factors that will go into the cost to clean your carpets is the size of the home. You should know about the size of the rooms in square footage that you are going to want to have cleaned. This is an indicator to the cleaning technician about how long the job should take and how much cleaning product will be used. This is a great start but not the only factor they tend to consider.

Amount of Soil, Ground in Dirt & Stains etc on the Carpet

The carpet cleaners also may want to know how much soiling there is in the carpet. That can be hard to determine since there really is not a tool to measure. One way to help them understand the amount of soil that is most likely on the carpet is to tell them how long it has been since your last professional cleaning. If this is your first time you want to let them know how long you have lived in the house. The longer that you wait in between professional cleaning the more that it could potentially cost you.

Do You Have Cat or Dog Pet Living in the Home

The carpet cleaning company will want to know if you have any pets that are living or spend time inside the home. The odds that there is going to be pet stains on the carpet are fairly good even if you have a great pet. There are still times that there will be an occasional accident and those need to be treated differently to be sure that the smell and odor is removed from the carpet as well. Pets also shed and their hair and dander will potentially make the cleaning process to slow down because the filters may need to be cleared more often.

How Many People Live in the House

This is another way for the carpet cleaning company to determine the amount of daily traffic that your carpets are most likely getting. The more traffic there is the more likely you are to have high traffic areas that need to be specially treated.

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