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Carpet Cleaning Residue & Other Mistakes to Avoid By Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners in San Ramon, CA

Homeowners know that their carpet needs to be vacuumed weekly and that carpet should be cleaned every 6 to 18 months depending on the living environment. Many homeowners will choose to do their own carpet cleaning and many invest in their own carpet cleaner. However, as maintaining clean carpets is recommended, keep in mind that with improper carpet cleaning you can damage and ruin the carpet. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some of the common DIY carpet cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them to properly clean and care for your home’s carpets.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

It is strongly recommended to always seek a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure quality of carpet cleaning and the longevity of the carpet. With proper carpet cleaning techniques carpet can easily last ten years. Improper cleaning can actually wear down the carpet faster and cause a number of carpet problems such as shrinking, fading and thinning. When you do your own carpet cleaning, it is important to know what type of carpet you have and how to properly clean the carpet. A common mistake is cleaning synthetic nylon carpet in the same manner as natural carpets. However, when cleaning any type of carpet you never want to make these common mistakes.

Excessive Shampooing of Carpet

When too much shampoo is used it can cause problems in the carpet. Many DIY carpet cleanings result in over shampooing mainly because of poor results. The homeowner works hard to clean their carpet but in the end the carpet still looks dirty or smells. When carpets are still dirty or smell, often the homeowner will add more carpet cleaning solution in hope for a better result. More cleaning solution isn’t the answer and often the soapy residue is left behind which holds onto dirt and other particles more readily. Rinsing is essential. However, a rinse can’t always get all of the soap out of the carpet when too much was added. Never over shampoo carpets when cleaning them.

Over Wetting Carpet & Padding

When cleaning carpet you never want to over wet or soak them. When carpets become too wet they will shrink causing the edges to pull away. Carpet backing will also become discolored or the dye in the carpet can bleed. Over soaking carpet is a common problem when cleaning carpets. Another major concern when carpet becomes too wet is the water will soak through the carpet and into the carpet padding. Once the padding is soaked it can hold moisture for a long time which gives birth to mold and mildew in the carpets. Unfortunately, commercial carpet cleaning machines aren’t very powerful and can’t extract the moisture in carpet that industrial carpet cleaning machines can. As a result, poor extraction combined with over soaking the carpet, mold will most likely occur.

Moving Furniture Over Shampooed Carpet Too Soon

After cleaning carpets the carpet is still wet and often takes an hour or so to fully dry. Many homeowners are in a hurry to put their furniture back in place after cleaning their carpets. When furniture sits on wet carpet it can cause a few different problems depending on the material of the furniture. Metal furniture can begin to rust due to the moisture and rust can stain the carpet. Another common problem is furniture with fabric that is low or on the ground. The fabric can seep dye into the carpet, again leaving behind stubborn stains. Dragging heavy furniture over wet carpet can damage the fiber more easily and even stretch the carpet out. When the carpet becomes stretched, the carpet will develop ripples and won’t lay flat.

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