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Carpet Stretching Repair in Carbona, CA; How to Restretch Carpets with Ripples, Wrinkles & More

Do you have ripples in your carpet? Is your carpet loose? The most common reason that your carpets become start to ripple or become loose in as little as one to three years is due to poor installation. Correct installation requires the use of a power stretcher. Many installers will skip this step and use a knee kicker instead to get the job done faster. If an installer gets paid by how many square feet they can get done in a day, they are more concerned with getting the job done as quickly as possible, not how well they do the job. Unfortunately, this means youll notice loose and rippled carpet shortly after. Many homeowners will find themselves in a battle with the installation company to repair these issues and end up giving up. Improper carpet installation can also void the warranty of your carpet as well.

Humidity & Moisture Causes Carpet Bulging

High humidity levels and moisture can also cause carpets to become loose and rippled. Carpet is made with layers of backing that are held together with latex. The latex can start to absorb moisture and expand. Carpets that are not installed tightly will start to ripple and moisture from the carpet cleaning process can also cause carpets to bubble. This is not the carpet cleaner’s fault, it’s because the carpet wasn’t installed tightly in the first place. Most of the time the bubbles will disappear when the carpet dries, if not you may need to have it stretched.

Carpet Delamination

Delamination occurs when the latex that is holding the backing of your carpet together starts to breakdown. It can happen with heavy foot traffic, when harsh solutions are used to clean the carpet or when carpets stay too wet for too long. Cat and dog urine can also dissolve the latex in carpet backing if it’s not extracted adequately.

Heavy Furniture & Carpet Tack Strips

Moving heavy furniture around can create wrinkles in your carpet. It can also damage it and the padding beneath it. Always try and pick furniture up to move it or use sliders. Carpets are installed with the use of tack strips that help keep the carpet tight. When they become loose, the carpet will become loose. You can reinforce the tack strips and have the carpet stretched.

Commercial Carpet Installation Problems

Carpets in commercial settings is usually glued down and doesn’t have padding or tack strips. Bubbles will start to show up if the carpet wasn’t installed properly or there wasn’t enough glue used. It can also occur if the sub floor has a high alkaline level. High alkaline levels can make it harder for the glue to adhere to it. The installation company should always test the sub floor water.

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Do you have loose carpet in your home? Always hire an experienced company to repair or stretch your carpet. Contact Carpet Care 2000 to determine why its’s happening and take steps to fix the problem. Call us today to take care of all your flooring needs.

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