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Carpet Stretching Services to Remove Wrinkles, Bumps, Lumps & Lifting Problems in Dublin CA

Carpet in the home provides a great level of comfort and appeal to home owners. Not only does it create a warm and welcoming environment, but it also provides a comfortable walking surface for bare feet. Carpet is a great flooring option because it can last for year when it is properly cleaned and cared for. Some carpet may need a little extra care and attention after years of use including needing to be stretched. Carpet is commonly held down to your home’s subfloor by tack strips along the floor’s edge. Through regular everyday wear and tear, these tack strips can get worn and the carpet can pull loose. This is a great time to call a professional to come look at your carpet and find out what your options are for proper repair methods.

Carpet Cuts

One of the more common carpet issues that require your carpet to be stretched is a carpet cut. It is possible that your carpet has experienced a cut or other type of damage to the base structure. If the carpet’s base is damaged in a large area, then the surrounding carpet will most likely become loose. Searching your carpet for any cuts may seem like a never ending task, but if you have carpet that appears to be loose, begin looking in that area. A flashlight sometimes comes in handy to look deep into your carpets pile when searching for any cuts.

Lumps & Wrinkles in Carpet

Another common sign your carpet will give you that it is in need of stretching are any visible lumps or wrinkles. Years of use will sometimes result in a lump or wrinkle on your carpet’s surface, these areas are usually very easy to spot. Even if you are not looking at your carpet, you may know of an area that you get tripped up on or stumble across from time to time because the carpet is slightly raised in a particular area of your home. Lumps and wrinkles can occur when heavy pieces of furniture are pulled or dragged across your floor. Heavy traffic areas in your home can also result in carpet lumps and wrinkles.

Professional Carpet Inspection, Cleaning, Repair, Stretching & Preventative Maintenance Services in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California

Inspect the edges of your carpet throughout your home; the carpet’s edges should appear to be affixed to the room’s edges. If there are small gaps between the room’s edge and the edge of your carpet, then it is time to contact a professional and have your carpet stretched and repaired. Carpet Care 2000 is skilled and experienced when it comes to carpet stretching. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today to have your carpet looking like new again.

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