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How to Clean Halloween Makeup & Face Paint Off Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery in Danville CA

The fall season is the time of year that we start the celebrations. The start to the fun is in the month of October and it is Halloween. This is a time that is one of the most fun moments in a child’s life. They get to dress up in a fun or scary costume and go around to each house collecting pieces of candy. Families have a great time coming up with costumes for each member and some of them even get a theme that all the member’s use. The best way to really make the costume stand out is the addition of makeup or face paint. You can add a mustache or beard if you are a cowboy. You can add some white to the face when you dress as a clown and black around the eyes to make the zombie costume even scarier. If you are a vampire you will need some red to make the blood look real. Kids love being able to add the face makeup, but because they are not used to it being on their face, they may not be very careful with it. When they are waiting for the time to start trick or treating, they might rub there face and then touch the carpet. They could lay on the couch to sort some early candy and leave a face paint mark on the carpet. This is not a fun kind of stain to clean.

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The first thing that you need to do when it really comes to any kind of stain is to start to remove the paint that is in excess. This can be done with your fingers, or a rag and you need to carefully pickup any pieces. After you have done that, you need to find a rag that is white to be sure that the chemicals in the makeup don’t react with the colored rag and make the stain even worse. The white rag needs to be soaked in cleaner. You can use a dry cleaner fluid to soak the rag, or you can use a carpet cleaner that you have already tested on your carpets previously. After you have soaked the rag make sure that you lay the soaked rag on the spot and let it sit of up to five minutes. After the five minutes you can move the rag and use it to dab at the spot. After the spot has been blotted clean you can use a fresh rag with clean water to rinse the area.

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If the above steps do not remove the makeup or face paint stains or you just don’t want to tackle this messy yourself, contact Carpet Care 2000!

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