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Restaurant Kitchen, Dining, Wet Bar, Restroom & Reception Carpet, Rug & Tile Floor Cleaning

Restaurants are like no other business when it comes to the heavy task of keeping floors clean. Restaurants can have every type of flooring installed, whether it is tile, carpet, wood or concrete, they all endure the day to day grind of restaurant life with heavy foot traffic and food spills occurring all of the time. Carpet has great traction, acoustical factors and aesthetic appeal but can get dirty and sticky. It is important for tiled kitchen, restroom and wet bar areas to be free from slip hazard spills. Of course every restaurant patron expects to be eating at a place that is clean and if the floor appears to be dirty then it leads customers thinking what else around the place is not up to the cleanliness par. Running a restaurant takes a great deal of time and energy, and keeping the floors clean is a big part of running a clean and successful establishment.

Cleaning Grease & Soil Buildup from Restaurant Floors

Restaurants have more grease and soil floating around than any other type of business. With food and drinks everywhere added to the heavy foot traffic that is moving in and out all day long, the grease and soil build up can happen so quickly and make your restaurant floor appear to be filthy in a very short amount of time. Installing quality walk off mats at strategic locations will ensure that most dirt does not get tracked all over the restaurant.

Daily Mopping & Vacuuming Restaurant Floors

Restaurant tile floors should be mopped every night after closing to provide the cleanest and most sanitary environment. One common mistake that restaurant employees make when mopping is not using clean water throughout the entire mopping process. If you are not mopping your floor with clean water, then you are only spreading the grease, soil and dirt around the floor, instead of cleaning it off of the floor’s surface. Changing out the water during the mopping process is essential to having a clean floor for the next day of business. The best way to keep your restaurant’s floor spotless, sanitary and pleasing to your customer’s eye is to hire a professional to get the job done right.

Professional Restaurant Floor Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California

When a restaurant fails to clean its floors properly, grease and soil can build up very quickly. Old grease, dirt and food particles will eventually collect and stick together. This creates a disgusting black lump of buildup that is spread across the floor of your restaurant. This black gunk that builds up from all of the materials that are floating around the restaurant can get stuck in your grout, carpet, cracks and next to the restaurant’s baseboards. Cleaning your restaurant floors regularly will help to prevent this build up and keep your patrons from wondering what it is that is growing on the floor. Contact Carpet Care 2000 to clean your restaurant’s floor and keep it looking like new every day.

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