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Carpet Water Extraction Services in Pleasanton, CA; How Can I Get My Wet Carpets to Dry Faster After a Flood?

Flooding inside the home is one of the more common types of disaster that many homeowners will face. Flooding can come from a broken appliance, piping, plumbing issues, or from storms. When flooding occurs inside the home, water can cause major damage throughout the home. When flooding or excessive water leaks on the carpet. it is important the water is extracted correctly and quickly. Mold can develop in carpet within 24 hours of flooding, leading to a very unhealthy living environment. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share flood water extraction and its process to help save the carpet.

Dry Carpet Quickly After Water Leak

When flooding occurs inside the home, it is no DIY task. Flood water can quickly ruin carpets, drywall and other materials inside the home. Not only can water damage the inside of a home, if not properly extracted mold, mildew, and bacteria can infest the home leading to minor or severe illness as well. To ensure the flood damage is properly treated, make sure to seek out a professional water extraction and restoration service. Additionally, waste no time seeking out help. Again, mold can develop in wet carpet within 24 hours. Time is key in preventing a hazardous zone within your home. When seeking out professional flood damage restoration and or extraction services, these are the steps you and the crew will take in recovering your home’s carpets.

Preparing for Water Damage Restoration Team

When flooding first occurs, you will want to quickly seek out a flood restoration service. Once you have made contact and have them scheduled to come, you will want to prepare for their arrival. While you wait for the team to get to your home, you can begin removing furniture that is in the flood zone. You will want to remove any curtains or other linens that was exposed to the water and wash them. For upholstery or cushions that were soaked, you will want to have them cleaned professionally as well. Take them to an area where they can dry out and an upholstery cleaning service can come and clean your upholstery. Essentially, you will want the carpet completely cleared of all objects to make the carpet restoration more effective.

Water Extraction from Carpet

Once the restoration team arrives they will first assess the situation and see what equipment will be needed. Basements that flood can hold thousands of gallons of water that must be pumped out first. In more minor flooding, carpet may only need the water to be extracted and pumps are not needed. If dehumidifiers or fans are needed. which in most cases they are, the team will note the size of the affected areas to see how many fans or dehumidifiers will be needed. Once the team has a firm grip on the situation they will get to work. During carpet restoration, the team will use water extraction equipment to remove the water in the carpet. Next, they will use fans and dehumidifiers to finish up the drying process. If mold or other threats are present the carpet will undergo major cleaning and mold or bacterial treatment to ensure the carpets are clean.

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If your home undergoes a flood and you need upholstery, carpet and other flood damage restoration services, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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