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Cleaning Toddler & Kid Carpet Stains in Danville, CA; Set in Juice, Gum, Ink Stain Removal & More

Having children makes life fun. We love to watch them reach all their milestones, but all that growing up, can leave a mess behind. Many times, the mess they leave behind is on our carpet! There are some stains that are very common when there are children in the home.

Common Carpet Stains Involving Toddlers & Children

1. Crayons– Kids love to get creative and want to show off all the artwork they make. The only time you won’t like these masterpieces is when the color ends up on your carpet. To remove crayon stains, use a wet sponge with baking soda to gently wipe the stains away.
2. Ink– When children get older they will move onto pens. Sometimes the ink will end up on the carpet. As soon as you spot an ink stain start blotting it with a clean towel and some rubbing alcohol. Let the rubbing alcohol sit for a few minutes and then rinse with vinegar and warm water.
3. Colored drinks– Kids love bright colors and juice is no exception. The brightly colored tongues may be cute but not on carpet. Start blotting any drink stain with a clean towel to draw as much of it out as you can. Do not scrub. This will only cause the stain to spread. After you’ve absorbed as much as you can, use a solution of soap, white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the area and let it sit for about 10 minutes and blot again with a clean towel.
4. Blood– Kids can get rowdy when they play, and blood can get on the carpet. Take care of the wounded child first and then work quickly to remove the stain. Use cold water mixed with dish detergent that fights grease and follow the same method used to remove colored drinks.
5. Gum– Kids love gum. Many times, they don’t keep it in their mouths. When it gets on your carpet it can be a mess to deal with. Use an ice cube on the gum to make it hard. Once it’s hard it will be easier to remove. You may need to scrape it a little but be careful not to damage the carpet fibers.
6. Chocolate– Kids and chocolate just go together but chocolate and carpet? Not so much. The first thing you’ll need to do is scoop up as much of it as you can and vacuum the area. Then you can use ¼ teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a cup of warm water. Apply this to a cloth and gently work the stain from the outside in. Leave the solution for five minutes and then blot until it’s dry.
7. Acne medication– Older children often need to use acne medication. This medication can cause stains on your carpet. You can prevent bleaching by using anti-chlor (Red 1 or Red Relief). It will need to be extracted 15-20 minutes after it been applied.

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We love our children. We try and teach them to be careful, but accidents will happen. Be prepared for these accidents when they happen. Some stains can be very hard to remove. If you need help from professional, contact Carpet Care 2000!

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