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DIY Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Mistakes in Ripon, CA; Spot Test Cleaners, Treat Spills ASAP & More

Keeping the carpet in your home looking its best can be a chore all on its own. After the kids run through with their dirty tennis shoes, the dog has an accident and your dinner plate drops to the floor; cleaning the carpet and the spills are an ongoing process. Having a professional come on a regular basis is one way to get the dirt and grime out, but for the everyday spots and spills, how do you know if you are cleaning them right? Carpet Care 2000 has prepared this quick guide of mistakes you could be making!

Letting the Spill Sit in your Carpet

This is the first mistake when you see a spill. You should not wait till dinner is over or until you get back home. You need to act quickly when you see a spill. A spill turns into a stain when the spill sets in and soaks into the fibers of the carpet. If you don’t quickly move to clean it up, it can also move down into the padding as well. Some spills contain acid that can start to eat away at the fibers and not only stain but ruin the carpet as well. It is always best to act fast.

Don’t Grab the First Cleaner you See!

When you see a spill, don’t grab the first cleaner you see; make sure that you look at what the cleaner treats. Many cleaners are too harsh to use on carpets and can actually cause them further damage. Regular cleaners that are not use specific to carpets can have harsh chemicals and can even contain bleach that will ruin the color of the carpet.

Spot Test it First

If you have decided to go and purchase a cleaner to use on spots you want to always test on an inconspicuous patch first. This is when you take the cleaner and use it in an area that will not be noticeable or seen by too many people. A good place to try is inside of a closet or the back skirt of upholstery. You want to add the cleaner to the area and make sure that is has no adverse effects on your specific carpet before you use it in a general area.

Accept that you Can’t Deep Clean your Carpet Alone

If you are interested in keeping your carpets clean and looking their very best, you just can’t do it alone. A mistake that most people make is that they want to do all the cleaning themselves. This is great for spot cleaning in between a professional cleaning but having a expert come in and deep clean it all will keep it looking good and make it easier for you to clean spots up when needed.

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