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Does Carpet Absorb Humidity in Banta, CA? How to Protect Carpets from Mold, Dirt, Bacteria & More

In most California homes, carpets are a familiar aesthetic and functional feature in most properties. Keeping the carpets well-maintained can be challenging for some since there are many aspects to consider. One of the elements that can significantly impact the carpets most homeowners do not realize is the humidity. With this in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to elaborate on how humidity effects the carpet.

Is Humidity Bad for Carpets?

The amount of water vapor or moisture in the atmosphere is humidity. Humidity can actually be harmful to your carpets despite that the amount of water vapor may be invisible to the eye. The harmful effects of humidity to carpets aren’t usually immediately noticed. Unfortunately, your carpets may be already damaged when it does become noticeable. Below are the common issues.
1) Mold in Carpet. The greatest enemy brought on from humidity is the mold. Mold is damaging, unsightly, and can impact your health as well. Moisture and dirt can speed up the process of mold growth. If it is exposed to a lot of moisture, be sure the carpets are professionally cleaned.
2) Excessive dirt in carpet. The moisture in the air often includes traveling dirt. It will still end up dirty if the humidity or moisture in the air is not optimum, no matter how much you clean the carpets. Both mold spores and moisture are present in the dirt.
3) Pests and bacteria in carpet. Bacteria and pests can be easily the product of humidity on the carpets. Especially to those who are prone to allergies, these elements can cause health hazards. It can also make carpet cleaning more challenging.
4) Carpet wrinkling. As the materials condense during dry weather or swell up when there is excessive moisture it may eventually lead to ripples. When it fails to remain flat and stretched on the floor surface, this can take away the aesthetic function of your carpets.
5) Damage to organic carpets. Though more comfortable and luxurious, these are also harder to maintain. Nylon and olefin, among other manmade materials are more resistant to moisture. Better maintenance and care are necessary since wool and other organic materials are very prone to mold growth.

How Can I Protect My Carpet from Humidity?

There are several ways to prevent humidity from damaging your carpet, below are a few recommendations to protect your carpets.
– Maintain optimal humidity levels, ideally between 40 to 50%.
– Open windows have better air circulation on days when the humidity is higher than average.
– Consider the use of a dehumidifier to help control humidity levels.
– Get the carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

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