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Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Work? Can You Clean Your Carpet Too Much in Mountain House, CA?

One of the common questions that carpet cleaning professionals get asked is “can you over clean carpets”? Can you have your carpets cleaned too much? The simple answer is yes. The next question is “what is too much”? Each household will vary on how often they should have their carpets clean. Nevertheless, excessive carpet cleaning can wear down the carpet. However, with the right amount of cleaning, you can also extend the life of your carpet. Carpet Care 2000 will help bring more understanding to carpet cleaning and what is too much and how to find the right balance of cleaning needs for your home’s carpets.

Does DIY Carpet Cleaning Work?

For those with pets and kids you may feel like you need to clean your carpets once a mouth just to keep up with all the stains and dirt. Many homeowners will wonder if they have cleaned their carpet too much and how the frequent cleaning affects the carpet’s longevity. You can over clean carpet. Too often and it flattens the carpet’s pile. In addition, improper carpet cleaning can even attract the dirt. For those with a demanding household, they often will invest in a carpet cleaning machine and do their own carpet cleaning. With access to a carpet cleaning machine, often the carpets are at risk of over cleaning. Improper DIY cleaning can also hasten the destruction of your carpet. Often too much water or too hot of water is used during DIY cleaning. Along with these problems, the carpet is over soaked and not properly extracted. This will allow mold to spread. Frequent DIY carpet cleaning is discouraged. DIY carpet cleaning isn’t bad, but the homeowner must take the time to learn how to clean their carpets right.

How Often Should You have the Carpet Professionally Steam Cleaned?

This is a great question. You certainly do not wash or clean carpet every month as that is too much. However, for busy homes with kids and pets, your carpet can be cleaned every three months. If your carpet requires cleaning every three months, it is then recommended to have it cleaned by a professional service. As three months is considered frequent carpet cleaning, you will want to ensure the carpets are cleaned correctly. In small households and those without pets, these homes can go between six to nine months in between carpet cleanings. You can extend out the need to have professional carpet cleanings if you vacuum at least weekly and clean spills as soon as they occur.

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By involving a professional carpet cleaning service they can even help determine a good carpet cleaning schedule tailored for your home. Each home will vary and a professional service has a good understanding of different types of carpet and how often they can be cleaned. Improper and over cleaning carpet can reduce their life span and force you into premature carpet replacement. For those who want clean and long lasting carpet, it never hurts to seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. If you want help extending the life of your carpet with quality cleaning, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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