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How Do You Take Care of Area Rugs in Walnut Creek, CA? Vacuuming, Spot Treating, Steam Cleaning & More

Area rugs, like your floors and carpet, need to be properly taken care of. Area rugs can be challenging to maintain and keep clean. Depending on the type of area rug you have, it will require different care and cleaning techniques than others. However, there some universal area rug care basics and tips every homeowner should know. Carpet Care 2000 will like to share a few universal area rug care tips.

Rotate Area Rug

Like carpet, area rugs can develop traffic patterns. Unlike carpet however, you are able to rotate the area rug to spread out the traffic patterns. By rotating the rug it helps to extend the life of the rug and prevent traffic patterns from developing too fast. It is recommended to rotate the rug once a week or at least once a month. Depending on the shape of the rug, round or square, it can be rotated in four directions. The more you are able to rotate the rug, the more you will spread out the wear.

Vacuum & Spot Clean Area Rug

To extend the life of the area rug, you will want to keep it clean from dirt and stains. Dirt can cause the carpet’s color to become dull. Dirt can also thin out the rugs fibers which can even cause bald spots on the rug. By vacuuming the area rug once a week, you can remove the dirt. Consider rotating the area rug each time you vacuum and you will extend the life of your rug. Along with regular vacuuming you should always clean up after stains as they occur. Never let a stain soak into the area rug. You should always clean a spill or stain quickly. When cleaning stains on an area rug, be very careful on the type of cleaner used. Depending on the type of area rug you have in your home, they will each need their own cleaner. Persian and Oriental area rugs are very delicate. For an Oriental area rug, use a commercial dry cleaning solvent. For Persian area rugs, which are mostly wool, you can use a mild detergent mixed with vinegar to spot clean spills and stains.

Should Area Rugs Go Under Heavy Furniture?

When investing in an area rug you do not want to damage it by placing heavy items or furniture on the rug. The feet or legs of tables, sofas, and other household furniture can dig into the rug and eventually cause holes. If you purchased the rug to set it underneath a dining table or other piece of furniture, then make sure to use furniture pads to prevent damaging the area rug. If you have an area rug that slips around a lot you can use a rug pad instead of using furniture to hold the rug in place.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

When the time comes that the area rug needs a deep cleaning it is strongly encouraged to seek professional cleaning. A professional area rug cleaning service has the training, tools, and equipment to ensure the area rug is cleaned properly. Improper cleaning can result in color loss or permanent damages of the rug. For properly and effective area rug cleaning, seek professional area rug cleaning services. For quality area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule our services today.

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