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Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Work in Lathrop, CA? Avoid Mold & Damage from DIY Methods

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there is a surprising number of misconceptions. For those who want to keep their carpets great, these misconceptions not can it cost you unnecessary cleaning methods, but it can ruin the carpet. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to put the carpet care misconceptions to rest.

Carpet Wear

Many people believe that too much vacuuming will wear the carpet down. Where this might be partly true decades ago, it is simply no longer the case. Modern carpeting is designed to be stronger and more durable, allowing homeowners to vacuum daily without expediting the wear. As long as your vacuum is working as it should, the more you vacuum the better your carpets and indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

As long as you clean the carpets, it doesn’t matter how it gets done is a completely wrong notion as far as carpet cleaning is concerned. Using the wrong methods or poorly maintained equipment can make your carpet may suffer. With actual steam or water extraction and powerful suction, it is important to actually get your carpeting clean.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

You don’t need to worry about this method leading to the growth of mildew in your carpeting, speaking of using water or steam to get your carpet clean. As a common choice among professionals, steam cleaning involves the usage of hot steam rather than water. Though the more standard form of steaming equipment is available for rent, you can cause oversaturation if you are not careful, which can lead to forms of water damage. Ultimately, professional carpet cleaning is the best solution.

New Carpet Installation

When carpet is brand new, people think they can go years before they need cleaning. New carpets should be clean within the first year of installation. Dirt, debris, allergens, and other contaminates can be better managed when cleaning is early and on a routine basis.

Carpet Deodorizer or Baking Soda Use

To get rid of the smell in your carpet and keep it clean without vacuuming, many believe you can use some kind of carpet deodorant or baking soda. This is simply a very temporary solution. Using these too much will just get them stuck in the carpet fibers and make a bigger mess than the one they are trying to solve. You really need to get rid of the source of the smell to really notice a difference.

Only Cleaning When Carpet is Dirty

If you wait to professionally clean the carpets when they look filthy, it’s too late. Because of how much dirt gets stuck up in the fibers will only shorten the lifespan of the carpeting when you neglect the cleaning and vacuuming. Keep it healthy and in great condition longer with daily vacuuming and professional cleaning once or twice year.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Since they all get your carpet clean anyway, you may be tempted to just go with the cheapest carpet cleaning option. You need to choose the right method for your carpeting and need to remember that the professional experience might just be best sometimes, as we mentioned previously.

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We hope this clears up the misconceptions. When you need your carpets professionally cleaned, call Carpet Care 2000 and let our certified experts do the rest.

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