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Fabric Solar Shield UV Protection & Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Patio Cushions Etc in Livermore, CA

Patio furniture can be severely impacted by the elements, especially the dirt and the sun. The sunlight fades and dries out the fabric, causing it to deteriorate faster. Minimizing the sun damage as well as maintaining the cleanliness and condition, will extend the life of the furniture as well as keep it in mint condition. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share some tips to protect your patio furniture from the sun’s harmful rays.

UV Blocker Patio Umbrella

To protect all of the patio furniture, an umbrella is ideal. Not only do the umbrellas protect furniture, the umbrella makes an excellent accessory for your patio as it is available in a number of different colors, shapes, and styles. Umbrellas help protect some of the more sensitive pieces of patio furniture from the sun’s rays while it provide shades for those looking to enjoy fresh air without over exposure and reduce the heat.

How to Clean & Protect Different Outdoor Furniture Materials

Wood Patio Furniture: Invest in UV Stain resistant furniture. If you currently have wood patio furnishings and you are unsure, applying a coat of UV resistant stain finishing can help significantly. Not only will the stain protect the wood from sun damage, but also offer it more protection from the natural effects of decay and wood rot. Refinishing your wood patio furniture every couple of years will increase the aesthetics as well.
Metal Patio Furniture: Metal patio furnishings can be treated with an exterior polish designed to protect it from the sun’s UV rays as well as water and other natural damages caused by climate and weather conditions. These chemicals, much like the wooden finishes, can be applied every few years. Check manufacturer’s recommendations and directions. Ensure that the protective agent you are applying is efficiently covered; getting in the nooks and crannies throughout the intricate parts to avoid rust, fading, and deterioration. Water-resistant oil will help protect your furniture in damp environments is optimally applied in spring.
Upholstery Patio Furniture: Not invincible to the elements, the cloth cushions for chairs and couches are not indestructible and can quickly decay under the sun’s rays. Apply an exterior upholstery protection agent to the upholstery to prevent fading, drying, staining, molds, mildew and repel moisture.

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Make sure to bring your patio furniture inside for storage at the end of the season in your garage, basement, storage shed, and etc to avoid the harsh winter. Do not store fabric cushions or upholstered outdoor furniture in plastic bags. In the air tight bag, fabric cannot breathe and the environment that is created is ideal for mildew and mold. High-grade polyester helps prevent mildew and perspiration buildup while in storage, but common outdoor furniture and cushion covers are generally made with synthetic materials. When the temperatures reach peak heat, store or throw some furniture covers over the pieces to protect them. If you need help cleaning the upholstery, contact Carpet Care 2000 and let our experts get your upholstery clean, fresh, and vibrant. Our experts are fully trained and experienced to take care of the patio upholstery. Contact us for your floor and upholstered furniture cleaning needs.

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