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Types of Carpet Repairs in San Ramon, CA; Stretching, Loop Replacement, Patch Repair & More

The carpeting in your home really takes some abuse. From the shoes you wear to pets, and even small kids, you may have repairs that need to be made to keep your carpet looking nice. There are several different problems that arise with carpet and can be repaired. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some of the most common carpet repairs that we see and fix every day.

Carpet Stretching

This is one of the most common carpet problems we run into. If you have ever noticed anywhere in your home where the carpet is starting to wrinkle, it could be time to talk to a professional about getting your carpet stretched. As time goes on, your carpet starts to stretch and sag in different places; usually in high traffic areas. By stretching the carpet back out, you lost that slack and your carpet is wrinkle free once more.

Carpet Loop Replacement

Loop replacement is going to only be a problem that people with Berber carpeting run into. Sometimes when the loops in your carpet get snagged, they can look messy as there are long fibers sticking up out of the neatly looped pile. This can happen when you have a pet that likes to claw at the carpet with its paws and claws, or when you wear certain shoes in your home they can catch and snag on the carpet. If there is any one area that seems to have a large amount of snagging, it can be possible to replace those snagged loops with new ones.

Carpet Patch Repair

When you have an area of your carpet that has been so badly damaged that a patch is torn out, it can be devastating. This sometimes happens if your carpet gets burned or ripped, and there can be staining that is so severe that a patch of the carpet has to be cut out to repair it. In this case, a new piece of the exact same carpet is replaced so it looks as if nothing ever happened. This is why it is important and a good idea to keep all of those small pieces of carpet that are cut away when it is installed. You never know when you are going to need it.

Carpet Stair Replacement

If you have carpeted stairs, you may notice they seem to wear faster than any other area in your home. Not only do stairs wear faster, but the first stair wears the fastest of them all. If you notice that you have a stain that is showing major signs of wear, you might want to replace that one stair rather than replace all the carpeting in your house.

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The carpet professionals at Carpet Care 2000 have extensive experience in all of these carpet repairs. If you have any problem areas with your carpet, before you look into replacing it, you may want to see if it is something our team can repair for you at a much lower cost. Call us today!

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