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Flooded Carpet Restoration & Odor Removal in Ripon CA; Emergency Water Extraction & More

When you wake up or come home and find that your water heater has malfunctioned, or a storm has flooded your street you start thinking quickly about your most valuable possessions. This is probably photos, books and furniture that are hard to replace. After the chaos of a flood hits and you start to settle down you start to think about getting your house back to what it was. One of the things in a home that is usually damaged the most and seems to be a total lost cause is the carpets. Carpet Care 2000 has answers for you when deciding if your carpet can be saved.

What Kind of Water Damaged Your Carpet?

This is the first thing that you need to think about. There are several types of water that can contaminate your carpets. One type is a clean type of water that has little to no contamination in it. Then there is a second level of contamination that includes water that has come from a storm and has dirt and debris from outside. This can carry more bacteria that can start to fester and grow on your carpets. Then there is even worse level of contamination and that is usually when a toilet or sewer backs up and spills out onto the carpeting. This usually will be infested with lots of bacteria that can be hard to recover from.

Can My Carpet Be Fixed?

As long as your carpet has been flooded by one of the first two types of water damage you can still save the carpet. If the carpet has been flooded by the last level of water you may still be able to save it but a professional will have to come out and determine it for certain.

How to Fix Carpet?

A professional will need to come out and look at the amount of damage. The carpet can be saved the sooner it starts to get worked on, so be sure that you call someone right away. The professional carpet cleaner will come and remove the excess water with a powerful vacuum and leave large fans that can help to dry the rest of the carpet. Once it is dry, it will need to be processed with a specialized cleaning and deodorizing program.

Professional Water & Flood Damage Restoration; Water Extraction, Drying, Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California

If you have a flood or water damage in your home and want to save your carpets call Carpet Care 2000 today for an appointment.

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