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Do you Really Need to Professionally Clean your Antique Oriental, Persian, Karastan, Sisan or Synthetic Area Rugs in Dublin CA?

When it is time for the carpets to be cleaned most people will move smaller pieces of furniture and roll up the rugs. They normally want to have as much carpet cleaned as possible. This is a great idea so that if there are any stains that are being hidden under a rug or a piece of furniture, they also get cleaned up. What many people don’t realize is that the rugs you have around your home need to be professionally cleaned as well!

Carpet Care 2000 has some of the reasons that you do not want to dismiss rug cleaning.

Clean Rugs: The most important thing that rug cleaning can do for your rug is getting it clean. Your rug is actually getting all the dirt that would have fallen on the carpeting under it. If you roll up the rug and clean only the carpet, you are missing a huge part of your floor cleaning. When you unroll the rug and replace it in its spot you are opening a pile of dirt. When you start to walk across the rug and onto the newly cleaned carpet you are transferring the dirt from the rug back onto the carpet. If you want to keep your carpets cleaned longer, then you need to add rug cleaning to your next professional service visit.
Potential Rug Damage: Many people believe that rug cleaning can be done at home with no trouble. The problem is that most rugs are patterned with intricate or even simple designs. If you are cleaning it too rough you could be causing the rugs fibers to fray. This will make the rug seem less crisp in the color and they will start to blend together. Also cleaning a rug can cause damage to the rug if it is not done correctly. The cleaners that are used need to be sensitive to that particular type of rug. The other area that can receive damage is around the edging. The edge or fringe can be damaged if you are not careful and can start to unravel and come apart. This will then have you getting the rug repaired which will cost more money if it can be fixed at all.
Longer Lasting Rugs: Just like the carpets, your rugs will last longer when they are cleaned regularly. The fibers can be damaged as long as the edging if it is cleaned wrong. If you hire a professional to clean the rugs they tend to last longer which in turn will save you money.

For Professional Rug Cleaning, Contact Carpet Care 2000 in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California!

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