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How to Get Old Dried Red & Other Color Sport Drinks Out of Carpet in San Ramon, CA

Now that the summer is here most people are spending more time outdoors. This can be due to summer time activity or a sports team. Whatever the reason is the amount of sweat that you are sure to release will increase. The problem that occurs when you sweat too much is that you lose necessary electrolytes. The electrolytes that are in your body are there to help with the electrically charged ions that aid in energy. There are some other minerals that help with the electrolytes and they are sodium, potassium and calcium. When these levels are diminished due to over exertion or working out, you feel tired and sluggish. The sports drinks that you find in stores are a great way to balance these levels back out and have you feeling pumped again. The problem is when someone spills one of these drinks on your carpet. The sports drinks are usually a bright, neon color that can be a real problem when it is on the carpet. It can create a stain on the carpet that will need to be cleaned a particular way to get remove it.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines the Steps Needed to Remove a Sports Drink Spill on Your Carpet

Dab Away at the Carpet Stain: One of the most important ways to remove any kind of spill on your carpet is to use the right technique. The very most important thing you need to do is to stay away from ever scrubbing the spot. The spot when it is scrubbed can spread the stain out to a larger area and will deepen it in to the carpet, backing and padding. That will then make the stain even harder to remove. That is why you need to use the dabbing technique. You want to apply pressure with a cloth so that you can pull the excess moisture out of the carpet without spreading it out. You may need to redo this process many times to get all the moisture out of the carpet.
Use The Right Carpet Stain Removal Tools & Cleaners: You also need to be prepared to clean a stain from a sports drink or many other types of spills. Be sure that you have on hand several items so that you can get to the stain quickly since that is key to any stain removal. You need to have several white wash clothes. The reason you want to use white is to avoid transferring any color from the rag on your carpets. You can have a bag of them that are strictly used for carpet cleaning. Then have a good alkaline cleaning solution that can be easily made at home. Use warm water and liquid dish soap. Start with about a quart of warm water into a bucket and add a tablespoon of soap and mix together. This can be applied to the stain and dabbed to pull away the color from the drink. Be sure to use the measurements that are given so that you don’t cause damage to your carpet when you try and remove a stain.

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Carpet Care 2000 understands that sometimes, no matter what you do, those stains just won’t come out. Or perhaps you just aren’t able to get down on your hands and knees to to treat them. Sometimes, carpet stains can appear too intimidating so that you don’t even want to try to remove them for fear you’ll make it worse. Carpet Care 2000 offers expert carpet cleaning and stain removal services. We have powerful truck mounted equipment, effective cleaning solutions as well as the necessary knowledge and experience to clean your carpets and leave them looking as good as new! Don’t live with those stains and odors that mar the beauty and contentment of your carpet. Contact us today.

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