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How to Prevent Sunlight Damage to Carpet in Dublin, CA; Are There Fade Resistant Carpets?

When you have new carpets installed in your home most people set some ground rules. They might not allow shoes to be worn on the fresh carpet. They also may decide that food and drinks are not to cross over from the tile or hardwood to the carpeted area. These are all great ways to keep your carpets from suffering from high traffic areas that occur from constant walking in the same area. The other thing is that you are sure to have less spills on the carpet which means you will not be dealing with as many spots and stains. These are all great ways to extend the life of your new carpets but there is one way that they are being damaged immediately. The light that your carpets are exposed to are a problem and should be prevented and treated right away. When you notice areas that have spots of natural light coming through the blinds it is time to take action.

Carpet Care 2000 Has How Natural & Artificial Light Might Be Damaging Your Carpets

What Types of Light Cause Carpet to Fade?: The most common type of light that can cause damage to your carpet is ultraviolet light. This is the light that comes from the sun and usually is found streaming in through the windows of your home. The UV light causes about 40% of what causes your carpets to fade. The solar heat and indoor light also contribute to the amount of fading on your carpets. The light that you are using in your home can cause the carpet to fade and that is why you want to know what you can do to prevent it from occurring.
How Does Fading Damage Your Carpet?: The main problem with light on your carpet is that the carpets will fade. The color can change and start to lighten the look of the carpet over time. The fading is really only part of the problem. The secondary issue is that the carpet can also become dry and rotted; meaning the carpet can start to be brittle and break down. That results in you having to replace the carpets more often. The fading and damage will start immediately in your home so be ready to combat it right away.
How To Prevent Carpet Fading: Just because it is a cool and cloudy day does not mean that the UV lights are not causing damage. The climate you are in does not change the fact that your carpets will be damaged by the light. The first step is to understand where the sun seems to land on your carpets. These areas need to be checked often and you want to stop the light from seeping through. This can be done with blinds that you keep pulled down when the sun is coming in that particular window. You can also turn lights off in the rooms that you are not going to be in. This is a great habit to have not only to prevent carpet fading but also to save on energy consumption.

Best Sunlight Fade Resistance Carpet Types

Wool – Poor. But if protected from ultraviolet rays, carpet degradation does not occur as quickly.
Polyester – Good. Although may weaken with prolonged exposure.
Nylon – Good. Special dyes can be used in construction to inhibit sun damage.
Polypropylene Olefin – Good. Can be chemically modified to resist sunlight damage.
Acrylic Modacrylic’ – Excellent. Although prolonged exposure may cause deterioration in some pieces.

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