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Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Altamont, CA; Remove Dust Mites, Bacteria, Allergens & More

Your carpet can have a plethora of dirt, grime and bacteria that lives on it. When your family traipse across in their shoes; that is one way that dirt is brought into the house and left to be rubbed into the carpet and cut the fibers. Another way is when you walk across your carpet with bare feet. The oils that naturally emit from your skin can also cause dirt to stick to the fibers of the carpet. There are also skin cells and dust that is part of every home that land on the carpet and can start to cause the carpet to look dirty. The best way to combat the dirt and grime that builds up on carpet is to have them cleaned regularly. This can leave the carpet looking nice and clean but that is not the only benefit of having your carpet professionally cleaned. Carpet Care 2000 outlines some of the health benefits of having your carpet cleaned below.

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Get Rid of Dust Mites – One of the many things that can be found in many carpets around the United States are dust mites. Most people are unaware that they have dust mites because they are a microscopic insect. The dust mite itself is not what can cause allergens in the home, but the feces and the body parts that are left behind by these tiny buggers. When these items are moved around by walking across the carpet or when the vacuum cleaner is ran, it can lift them into the air and cause some people with allergies to have a reaction. When the carpets are cleaned professionally it can eliminate the dust mites and the feces and body parts that are left behind.
Remove Bacteria & Germs – Bacteria, viruses and allergens can cause congestion symptoms and respiratory problems that make it hard to breathe. Removing these pollutants and contaminants helps your family breathe easier and reduces the transmission of colds and viruses.
Mold Prevention – If you live in an area that has a medium to high amount of humidity at any time of the year your carpets can be at a higher risk of growing mold. In an area with more humidity it can be tracked in more freely and can moisten the carpets which mixed with dirt is a great way for mold to begin to take shape and grow. When a carpet is cleaned professionally it can first remove the dirt from the carpeting and it will also remove the moisture that might be building up when the high power suction is used.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Contact Carpet Care 2000 for deep carpet cleaning that will remove the pollutants and contaminants lingering in your carpet fibers that can make your loved ones sick. Our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction method will remove stains and odors as well as restore your carpets while ensuring a longer life and healthier environment for your family.

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