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How Do I Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Results this Fall in Dublin, CA? Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners & More

What is your favorite part of fall? Fall is a great time of year, but not so great for your carpets. With the fall season comes many fallen leaves. When all these leaves have started falling they get stepped on and crunched up. Then you end up bringing those leaves along with a lot of mud and dirt into your home and onto your carpet. Making your carpet very dirty if not properly cared for. Carpet Care 2000 is going to give you a few fall carpet cleaning tips, so you can make sure your carpet is looking nice through the beautiful fall season.

Doormats are Necessary to Keep Carpets Clean

Having doormats is a huge must when it comes to the fall weather. When you have doormats this can help catch large chunks of soil or debris from getting into your house. It will also help stop those leaves that are falling on the ground from getting on your carpet making your carpet dirty. A doormat will help catch a huge portion of leaves and debris.

No Shoes in the House Rule

Taking your shoes off when entering the home is a good idea throughout the whole year, but especially in the fall. Taking your shoes off can help keep your carpet clean. You won’t be tracking in all those fallen crunched-up leaves, dirt, and mud that you have stepped on, getting on your shoes, and then putting them on your carpet to get it dirty.

Vacuum Carpets

Having a regular vacuuming schedule can help keep your carpet cleaner. Depending on if you have pets or children you may want to vacuum daily or every other day. If you do not have these then twice a week is probably just fine. Make sure you vacuum high-traffic areas and the entrance of your home. Vacuum slowly, this will help your vacuum be more efficient.

Change up the Furniture Layout Arrangement Often

Changing up your furniture layout in the fall is a great time to do it. This way you do not just put wear and tear on one section of your carpet but it can be evenly walked on and will keep your carpet lasting longer.

Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums are supposed to clean your carpet, so do you need to clean your vacuum? The answer is simple, Yes. Vacuum filters or bags can get dirty and will not vacuum your carpet properly. You should be washing and cleaning your filters every three months. This will help keep your vacuum running well and your carpet clean. This is a great thing to do in the fall before your carpet start to get dirty.

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The best thing you can do for your carpet is to schedule a professional cleaning. A professional cleaning can get deep into your carpets getting that mud and dirt out. A professional cleaning can clean so much better than just a regular vacuum. Following these few tips can help your carpet this fall. If it is time for you to get a professional carpet cleaning then give Carpet Care 2000 a call.

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