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What are Common Carpet Problems in Danville, CA? High Traffic Areas, Pet Damage, Stains on Carpets & More

Are you the type of person that loves carpet? You love having that soft feeling under your feet as you walk through your home. Carpet is great to have but there are some common dangers to having carpet. Carpet Care 2000 wants to talk about these few dangers so that you know how to avoid them and keep your carpet looking beautiful.

High Traffic Carpet Areas

If you have an area in your home that has carpet and it is walked on often, over time this carpet will get worn out. Most of these areas are in doorways or in a hall where many people walk. Under beds or couches don’t get foot traffic so your carpet doesn’t get worn out there. But in these high-traffic areas, you will get dirt and debris and over time it will get down into your carpet and cause damage to your carpet fibers. To help slow this process you can avoid wearing shoes and change up your furniture layout every once in a while. Also having a professional come in and clean your carpets can really help.

Pet Carpet Damage

We all love our pets; the problem is your carpet doesn’t love them so much. Your pets can put major wear and tear on your carpet. Their dirty paws or their hair can get down inside the carpet making it look dirty. You can vacuum regularly to help with this problem but it does not eliminate the problem. If you have a cat they love to sharpen their nails on the carpet, this can ruin your carpet and tear it up. If you have pets that pee on your carpet this can also ruin your carpet. Urine can stain your carpet and make it smell.

Carpet Stains

We just mentioned that urine can stain the carpet, but coffee spills, kid’s popsicles, juice drinks, or even wine can all stain your carpet. It can cause it to be discolored, stiff, or even have an odor. You can use household products to help clean the stains. Many of these products can help remove some of the stains. But the best thing to remove the stains is getting them professionally cleaned. With steam cleaners, they can get deeper into the carpet and help break up those stains making your carpet clean and look new.

Furniture Marks & Indentations on Carpet

How can furniture ruin the carpet? If you have heavy furniture on your carpet and you try to slide it instead of lifting the whole thing to move it, you can cause problems with it snagging the carpet. When it does this you are at risk of it causing tears in the carpet. Once this happens your carpet will continue to loosen and tear especially if it is a high foot traffic area.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair, Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

The best thing you can do for your carpet is get it professionally cleaned. Carpet can be beautiful in a home but if you do not take care of it, it can start to look dirty and smelly. Carpet Care 2000 knows what we are doing when it comes to cleaning and repairing your carpet. Just give us a call.

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