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Is Carpet & Rug Cleaning the Same in Livermore, CA? Pile Density, Colors, Fringe, Proper Care & More

Have you ever considered how different carpets and rugs really are? Carpet and rugs are very different to the point that you have to be careful when you’re cleaning them. You cannot clean them the same. Carpet Care 2000 is here to help you learn a few differences between carpets and rugs so that you do not ruin either one of them.

What are Rugs & Carpets Made Of?

Carpet and rugs are made of different materials. The carpet is secure and put down without being able to move it. With rugs, they are designed to be moved. Because they are designed to be mobile they are made of different materials than your carpet. Even between rugs, they can be different materials and different designs. You need to be careful because some rugs require more care than others.

Rugs have Fringe

With carpet, you do not have fringe, it is hooked down onto your floor. But with many rugs, you have loose fringe or tassels at the end of the rug. You cannot treat these tassels the same as you would carpet. When you vacuum the fringe, it can get destroyed. You need to make sure that if you have a rug with fringe, you treat it differently than you would with rugs without fringe or carpet. You definitely need to be more careful with rugs that have fringe.

Pile Density in Carpets & Rugs

Rugs and carpets have different dense piles. This means that the individual fibers are closer or farther apart. Rugs have a closer dense pile than carpet does. Because of this carpet is a little easier to vacuum. With a rug, the dirt can get down inside the rug making it hard to get out the dirt with the vacuum. This is why you want to see people beating their rugs outside. This can help get the dirt out of the rugs. Getting your rug professionally cleaned can help get all the dirt out of your rug and make it look clean again.

Carpet & Rug Colors

When you buy a rug, you don’t think that the colors could bleed together. Many rugs have patterns, designs, and different colors on them. If you try to clean your rug with the wrong cleaner it could make the colors on the rug bleed together, ruining the design or pattern. With the carpet, you do not usually have this problem because the carpet is one color. Make sure you’re cleaning your rugs correctly.

Proper Carpet & Rug Care

You spend a lot of money on your carpet and your area rugs. You do not want to ruin them because they were cleaned incorrectly. Make sure you hire a professional who has a background in carpet and rug cleaning. Someone who has knowledge of it and experience so that you get the correct care you need for your carpet and area rugs.

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Carpet Care 2000 has the experience, knowledge, and background to make sure your carpets and rugs are cleaned properly.

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