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How Do You Clean a Silk Area Rug & Get Stains Out in Tracy, CA? Professional Cleaning Services for Rugs

Silk is one of the most expensive area rugs. Silk is a costly material and often silk area rugs have unique patterns and bright beautiful colors. Silk area rugs are highly valuable yet delicate. They demand proper care to ensure these area rugs are properly preserved. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to properly care for and clean a silk area rug and why you should consider professional assistance.

Can You Get Mold Out of a Silk Area Rug?

Silk area rugs will develop problems and being aware of common problems for these rugs can better help the homeowner care for their silk rugs. Silk is a material that is prone to mold. Mold can easily develop and spread throughout the silk rug. It is important to avoid over soaking these rugs during cleaning. Additionally, you will want to control the home’s indoor humidity and attempt to avoid flooding or other similar disasters around your silk rug.

Color in Silk Area Rugs Fade

Silk rugs will also lose their colors over time. Silk is prone to fading or becoming discolored when improperly cleaned or exposed to a lot of UV light. You will want to keep the silk rug out of direct sunlight or consider covering your windows. Like other rugs and carpet, silk rugs will also stain easily which is why you will need to clean spills immediately and try to avoid spills on your silk rug altogether.

Benefits of Professional Silk Area Rug Cleaning

A silk area rug needs custom cleaning and care unlike other rug types. This is why it is encouraged for you to have a professional clean and maintain your silk rugs. When a professional cleans a silk rug they will first perform a thorough inspection. It is important to determine the current state or condition of the rug before you begin cleaning them. Depending on the condition of the rug, different cleaning methods can be used to prevent damaging an old and more delicate silk rug. Along with inspecting the rug’s condition, the cleaning specialist will look for stains and even the presence of mold.

How Do You Get Stains Out of Silk Area Rugs?

If there are stains present, the stains will need to be pre-treated. However, it is very important to use a proper cleaner as silk is prone to bleeding, which means the dye will wash out. Yes, the wrong cleaning agent can cause the silk dyes to bleed out and your rug will look faded. A professional makes sure to use the proper cleaner, and before applying the cleaner to your silk rug, the cleaning agent will be tested first. After pre-treating the silk rug’s stain, the next step is to clean the rug. The water used to clean a silk rug must be purified or distilled to avoid leaving any contaminates in the rug. When cleaning a silk rug, one of the best and safest methods is using a steam cleaner. Other than treating a stain, chemicals are not needed when steam cleaning the silk rug. Avoiding chemicals will preserve the rug’s wonderful colors and will not damage the delicate silk.

Area Rug Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

When you have a silk area rug, you will want to ensure it is cleaned and cared for properly. For quality silk and other rug, carpet cleaning, and more, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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