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How Do You Neutralize Pet Dander in Carpet in Ulmar, CA? What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Cat & Dog Dander?

Getting a new kitty or puppy can be exciting, but for those new to pets, they may find out they or a loved one has an allergy to them. Though some allergies are so severe that people may have to rehome their new pet, other allergies may cause a reaction that is tolerable, but keeping the allergens minimized helps control the symptoms. To help you control the dog and cat dander, improve the indoor air, and keep your relationship strong with your loyal furry friend, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer some suggestions.

Does Vacuuming Remove Pet Dander?

A stubborn protein that clings to most surfaces and settles in the nooks and crannies is pet dander. You can significantly reduce the volume which will benefit the allergy concern where it is virtually impossible to rid your home of the pet dander. Below you will find some major points for keeping up on maintenance in your home is a major contributor.
Surface Cleaning. Use a clean cloth to wipe down the walls, baseboards, tabletops, countertops, and other hard surfaces with a mixture of hot water and mild dish soap. To contain the dander and keep it from spreading, make certain to use the appropriate multi-surface cleaner on wood surfaces and other surfaces periodically.
Furniture and Curtain Treatments. There is no keeping them off the furniture you love, especially cats. On day-to-day upkeep and removing the dander, lint brushes work well. To contribute to minimizing the dander, vacuum the surface at least once a week as well. In order to remove the protein buildup, get your upholstery professionally deep cleaned every 6-12 months.
Regularly Vacuum Carpets. In homes with carpets or rugs, there is most likely plenty of dander hiding right beneath your feet. Keep the dander from being released back into the air by a double or micro filter High Efficiency Particulate Arrestin bag vacuum. On a routine basis, vacuum the carpets often, doing so daily is recommended. To keep the dander that removed that escapes the vacuum, professional carpet or rug cleaning is essential every 6-12 months.
Maintain Dog and/or Cat Grooming. In order to reduce the dander supply in the home, controlling the dander at its source is another way. Despite that most of our fur babies despise bath time, giving your kitty or pup a bath with a mild shampoo is a preventative maintenance step that can really help. In order to promote healthy skin and fur will cut down the dander, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. Don’t hesitate to discuss healthy tips with their vet and their diet should be enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids in their food.

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Call Carpet Care 2000 today to let our specialists take care of the deep cleaning to reduce the dander, improve the indoor air quality, and maintain healthy carpets, rugs and upholstery. Though tough on the dander, dirt, stains, and odors, our specialists are gentle enough to keep your materials safe. To improve your allergies against pet dander and other triggers, contact our office today to schedule your upholstery, rug, and/or carpet cleaning service.

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