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How to Keep Carpet Clean with Kids Back to School in Altamont, CA; Area Entry Rugs, Vacuuming Carpets & More

You have survived another summer with the kids out of school and boy do you deserve to be congratulated! Say goodbye to the squabbles over which TV show to watch or the kids tormenting the dog. Best of all you no longer have to think up creative ways to keep the kids occupied and out from under your feet while you attempt to get some work done. You may even be planning some quite time to grab a hot cup of tea and curl up with a good book until you start to realize that the kids being in school brings with it an entirely new set of problems. How do you keep the dirt off of your carpets and other flooring and out of your home? With a little bit of organization and some clever thinking on your part, your home can not only be clean, it can also stay that way. A clean home starts with clean floors and a professional Carpet Care 2000 cleaning service should be part of your regular home maintenance program. Soil not only affects the appearance of flooring but the debris trapped deep inside the carpet fibers can harm and shorten the life of your carpets. The pollutants and contaminants you cannot see can cause allergies and breathing difficulties. The skilled and professional cleaning technicians at Carpet Care 2000 have provided the following list of suggestions to help you keep the dirt off of your carpets and out of your home.

How to Keep Carpets Clean in Between Professional Carpet Cleanings?

• A dirty carpet can give the appearance of a dirty home. Do you have a teenage son or daughter who likes to lie on the living room floor watching TV or reading? Think about the dirt in your carpet that is full of germs and how it can affect your health. To minimize the dirt that is tracked into the home on your family’s shoes from everywhere they have been that day, invest in a shoe organizer and place it by the front door. It’s an inexpensive way for your children to organize their footwear and eliminate the grunge factor when they get home from school.
• Another money saving idea to keeping your carpets clean is to use welcome mats and area rugs. Welcome mats alone can preserve the life of your flooring. One simple rule for the kids to follow when they get home from school is to wipe their feet before stepping on to your flooring, your carpets not only look new they will also last longer.
• The one golden rule to keeping your carpets free of surface soiling is vacuuming. Regularly vacuum and you will be able to eliminate a lot of the dirt and debris that your kids pick up and bring into the home. Encourage your teenager and other family members to get involved by drawing up a chart for vacuum cleaner duties. Reward your children with an allowance to keep them motivated and enthusiastic

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