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How Do You Steam Clean Carpet in Danville, CA? Why Steam Cleaning is Better than Shampooing & More

Your home can have a sense of comfort and warmth with carpeting. However, to avoid creating breeding grounds for various harmful microorganisms, it is essential they are properly cleaned and cared for. One of the best methods to deep clean those beautiful rugs and keep them safe and long lasting is steam cleaning. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to discuss the basics of steam cleaning.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work on Carpets?

The rudimentary function of steam cleaning involves shooting extremely hot water into the carpets and suck back those jets of water along with dirt and grime. Steam cleaning is sometimes referred to as hot water extraction method. Bacteria and toxins from your carpets is removed with the high temperature of the water and the pressure. Through steam cleaning, you can get rid deeply embedded debris that has been slowly collection inside your carpets. Steam cleaning, along with basics care and maintenance all on a routine basis will help keep your carpets lasting longer.

DIY VS Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Care

Using homemade solutions to get stains and vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis. You should hire a professional to steam clean those stubborn stains out of your carpets periodically if you want to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful, however. This particular method of deep carpet cleaning does not involve the use of chemicals. The most recommended deep cleaning method is steam cleaning. With hot water combined with cleaning solutions, it provides deep cleaning that loosens and extracts the unwanted particulates and contaminates.

Why it is Worth it to Steam Clean Carpet

– Extremely effective cleaning.
– Stain and particulates superior removal.
– Any bacteria and mites are killed off.
– Steam cleaning is pet and children friendly.
– Pollutants are removed.
– Carpets have a longer lifespan.
– Carpet’s vibrancy is restored.
– Multiple surfaces are effectively cleaned. (Tile, Vinyl, Etc)
– Simple to use.

How Often Should Carpets Be Steam Cleaned?

As mentioned, routine vacuuming can remove the surface debris, but the contaminates and pollutants that have compacted seeped down needs to be removed. It is important to remember that your carpets act as filters to improve the air quality of your home. Even if your carpets look relatively clean, the filth is settled beneath the surface. Without regularly steam cleaning the carpets, they become allergen riddled, microbe ridden, and pest living area. In addition to being filthy, these carpets are worn down faster. It is recommended that the carpets are deep cleaned with steam clean methods at least once year. However, for those sensitive with respiratory issues, pets living indoors, and smokers, it is better to get it done every 6 months.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Repair & Installation & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Though steam cleaning carpet machines are available for sale to the public, experts use advanced, industrial strength, powerful equipment that simply cannot compare. Ultimately, professional grade steam cleaning services are far more effective than DIY machines. When it comes to steam cleaning your carpets, the experts of Carpet Care 2000 are the leading experts in Tracey, California and surrounding areas. Call Carpet Care 2000 today to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

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