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How is a Carpet Patch Repair in a Doorway or Other Area Done to Match Existing Carpet in Livermore, CA

The carpet that is in your home is susceptible to all sorts of stains, spots and traffic. It is of course the flooring and the last place that everything lands when it is spilled. That is why having a good cleaning method to treat for stains and spills in pertinent. The best way to do that is to have some tried methods and to understand the stain you are treating. You also know that the carpet will need to be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove the dirt and debris that is weighing it down. If you don’t vacuum regularly the dirt will be left on the carpet and deep in the fibers. This will start to cause damage to the fibers and cause them to collapse. Now your once plush carpet will be flat and dull. There is one area of carpet maintenance that needs the help of a professional and that is carpet repairs. The carpet can easily get damaged enough that a patch is required. Maybe the dog was digging and ripped up a hole, maybe there is a burn or a spot that will not come out. These are all reasons that people have their carpet patched.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines How a Carpet Patch is Done in Your Home

How to Match the Carpet Patch: When you have room that is carpeted you don’t want to have a hole in the middle. That is why patching is a service that is often used. You might be wondering where the patch comes from or how you get it to match the rest of the room. The best option is to have a remnant of carpet that is left behind from when you had your carpet laid. You can ask the installer to leave a piece that you can keep aside for these specific instances. The problem is that most people did not do that but there is no need to fear. Although that extra piece would come in handy it is not the only way to find a patch to use. You can look around the room to locate a closet that is carpeted with the same color. The closet can be large or small as long as there is enough carpet to cover the spot you are patching. There are two main options that exist when you use a closet to get the patch. One is that you can have the carpet repairman remove a part of the carpet and leave the remaining in place. This will leave a hole in the closet that exposes the floor underneath. The other options that is more normal is to have the entire closet stripped of carpet and a strip placed to seal the edge off. Then you can lay other flooring down or seal the concrete below.
What If You Have No Carpet Patch to Replace with?: If there is no option of a carpet patch in your home anywhere that will match, you only real option is to have the carpet replaced. The great thing is that if you choose to have the carpet replaced you can ask for a piece so you are prepared for a patch if this happens again.

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