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How Long Does Parvo Stay in Carpet in San Ramon, CA? Need to Call a Steam Carpet Cleaner to Kill Parvo!

As we leave the warm summer months, we enter into the cool temperatures of fall and winter. This is the beginning of colds, and flus for most people. However the cold season doesn’t mean that just people are the only one at risk. So are our pets. Winter time is when the Parvo Virus is in full strength. As many know, Parvo can be quite fatal to our dogs and when they get sick, they create messes all around the home while you tend to your sick canine. Once your dog has Parvo he or she will need to be taken to the vet where they will have to battle the virus for the next few days. While you wait for your precious pet to recover, you may look around your home and realize there might be some diarrhea and vomit stains brought on by the virus. The stains will need to be cleaned. Parvo stains are very difficult to remove. Nonetheless, the removing of the stain is something all pet owners will want not only for their own benefit, but more importantly it is essential for your recovering pet. Parvo lives in the feces and some speculate it lives in the saliva as well. You will need to remove all traces of the virus before you bring your dog home or he or she can become sick again. You will need to clean everywhere your dog has been. Cleaning hard wood or tile floors are easy enough. Bleach will do the trick on those harder surfaces. However the carpet can be a little bit trickier. Parvo can live in carpet fibers for up to six months, and can be one of the most difficult areas to disinfect. If you use bleach on your carpets or even cloth upholstery, you can remove the color and have bleach stains all over your carpets. Carpet Care 2000 will cover how to clean and remove the stains and kill the Parvo virus from your carpets.

Protocol for How to Clean Parvo from Carpets

Keep in mind parvo can be difficult to remove from carpet. Because the fibers absorb the virus deep within you will need to steam treat your entire floor to make sure there is not a single trace of the virus left. Begin by steam cleaning your entire carpet with hot water and pet stain carpet remover to remove the stains. You can also use hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda if the commercial grade pet cleaner isn’t doing the trick. If available, fill a pressure sprayer with a pet-safe disinfectant labeled as approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill parvovirus. Follow the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions to determine the proper amount of disinfectant to use. Keep in mind some disinfectants need to be diluted with water. Spray the wet carpet thoroughly with the disinfectant. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the carpet all the way through to the padding. Leave the disinfectant on the carpet for a minimum of 10 minutes or as otherwise directed. Next, fill the steamer will the disinfectant. Depending on the brand it may need to be diluted or undiluted (see the directions), and then steam clean your carpets. Make sure to go over the entire area to make sure the entire virus has been killed. You may need to rewash carpets with just hot water. Be sure all the remaining liquid is extracted to prevent mold growth

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It is never easy undergoing the stress of having a sick pet. For most of us, our dogs are like family. Be sure to completely remove the Parvo virus from inside and outside your home thoroughly to avoid another bout. Parvo is very contagious. Dogs can contract the virus just by stepping on affected areas. For all those pet owners who are try to disinfect their homes in preparation of your returning pet, Carpet Care 2000 wishes you the best of luck. If you don’t have the confidence, ability or equipment needed to thoroughly clean your carpets, call us. We have a superior truck mounted steam cleaning machine powerful enough to stop Parvo in its tracks!

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