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How to Remove Chocolate, Stick Candy Residue & Halloween Stains from Your Carpets in Livermore, CA

The fall season is the official start to the holidays and the first one on the list is Halloween. Halloween is a fun holiday that kids and adults alike are excited to dress up and go out looking for candy from the neighbors. After a long day of getting dressed up and eating treats and snacks all day your carpet can take on some serious damage. There are many stains that can end up on your carpets due to this holiday so you should be prepared with the best ways to treat them. You never want to allow any kind of spill to sit on the carpet for too long since many things can actually cause damage to the carpet fibers. Carpet Care 2000 lists Halloween stains you may find on your carpet and how to deal with them.

How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet

One of the main items that is collected by people on Halloween night is chocolate candy. The issue is that the kids will come home and start chowing down on the chocolate candy! That can lead to the chocolate melting on the carpets where the kids will sit to share and separate their treats. If you have a spot on the carpet from melted chocolate you want to make sure that you treat it right away. The first step is to remove any and all excess that is laying on the surface of the carpet fibers. You can use a wash cloth to pick up what you can so that you have the area ready to treat. You can then treat the area with a product that you know is safe to use on your carpets. With the nice clean cloth you want to dab away at the stain to remove what you can. If you feel like you are unable to remove the spot you can always call a professional carpet cleaner.

How to Remove Sticky Candy Residue from Carpet

The other type of treat that kids get on their trick or treat adventure is sticky candy and treats. There are many types of treats and gum that once they are warmed up they can stick to anything around including your carpets. The sticky candy will need to be treated properly to ensure that is removed without damaging the carpet fibers. The most common way to treat a sticky candy spot is to use a bag that is filled with ice. You lay the ice bag on the spot to freeze the gum or sticky candy which will enable it to be removed with a hard item such as a butter knife.

How to Clean Party Platter Food Spills Out of Carpet

If you have a Halloween party and you are serving food to your guests the chance that some of that food is going to land on the carpet is pretty certain. If you are serving anything that can cause a stain such as dipping sauce or pasta sauce you may end up with a stain that can be extremely difficult to treat. You can pick up the solid parts of the spill then use some rubbing alcohol to dilute the spot so that you can treat is easier. You can then use a clean cloth with warm water and dish soap to help blot away the spot.

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