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How Often Does Carpet Need to Be Replaced in Dublin, CA? Wear Patterns, Permanent Stains & Other Signs

When you first have your carpet installed, keeping it protected from normal wear and tear is in the forefront of your mind. As it starts to get older, you probably start to relax if you are like most people. Even if you do stick to a stringent cleaning schedule, over time, you will find that it’s time to replace that carpet that you had installed years ago. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about some of the signs that will be there when it is time to replace your older carpet with new.

Carpet Wear Patterns

When carpet is brand new, it is fluffy and full of millions of little fibers that make it that way. As your carpet gets older, those fibers start to break down and become matted. This is going to happen the most in areas that you see the most traffic. Places like hallways and around the furniture you have placed in each of your rooms, will see the most matting. When the pile starts to lay down like that, you can’t do anything to revive it other than replacing the carpet for something new.

Carpet Padding is Worn Out

The padding under the carpet in your home plays a big role in your overall comfort. It is what gives your carpet the cushion that you feel as you walk across the floor. The padding is also responsible for helping to reduce the amount of noise that is in your house as well. When you walk around the carpet in your home and hear it crinkling under your feet, this is a sign that the padding is wearing out. You may also see that your carpet starts to wrinkle as the padding breaks down. When this happens, you are better off replacing the carpet and getting new padding as well.

Permanent Carpet Stains

Even the most careful people will have some spills and spots show up on their carpet from time to time. Many carpets today are installed with a stain resistant finish put on them to help keep these spills from seeping into the fibers of the carpet. As time goes on, that finish starts to break down and doesn’t work as well anymore. If you have several stains on your carpet that will not go away no matter what, it is time to look into carpet dyeing or replacing the carpet.

Age of Carpet

Most people will get between 10-15 years out of high-quality carpet before it needs to be replaced. If you have carpet in your home that is older than this, you should look at replacing it rather than trying to make repairs to keep it in the home.

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One of the best ways to get the most out of your carpet and extend its life is to have it professionally cleaned by the experts at Carpet Care 2000. We can restore permanent stains and bleach spots as well as install carpet in your home when the time does come. Call us today!

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