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How Often Should Tile & Grout Be Professionally Cleaned in Lathrop, CA? When Dirty, Dull, Overdue & More

Tile and grout are known for its durability and easy maintenance. However, every so long, usually once a year, the tile and grout need a deep professional cleaning to restore the vibrancy and shine. Today, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share the signs your tile and grout needs professional cleaning.

How Do You Know if Tile & Grout is Dirty & Needs to Be Cleaned?

1) Tile and Grout Loses its Luster. Your tile can seem dim, and dull over time. It just may not shine or look as good as it used too even after you mop it or clean it. It is definitely time for a true clean if you are noticing that the tile is darker than it used to be and you just can’t seem to get it as clean as you like. Technicians have the expertise to ensure your specific type of tile is properly and efficiently cleaned safely.
2) Socks or Bare Feet get Dirty After Walking on the Tile. It is definitely time for a deep clean if your socks are getting dirty when you walk on your tile. On the tile and grout, dirt, grime, and other things like soap residues will eventually buildup. Even when you diligently clean your tile and grout, though it takes longer to buildup, you still need professional cleaning. When you efficiently seal the grout and tile, it is better protected from moisture, spills, and filth.
3) Between Rooms, Carpet Right Off the Tile Edge is Dirty. A sign that your carpet is becoming a mat to wipe your feet when you walk off your tile if the carpet by your tile is dirtier than other places of your carpet. Your carpet will get a lot of dirt and grime buildup. If this applies to you, consider a deep carpet cleaning service as well.
4) If Tile and Grout has not been Cleaned in Over a Year. To ensure tile and grout remains in good condition and looking its best, it requires proper care and maintenance. It is important that you get it cleaned on a regular basis to keep your tile and grout longer, and to have it last in great condition. Without proper cleaning and care, the tile and grout will need replacing sooner than later.
5) Grout Lines are Significantly Darker than it Should. A sure sign it’s time to get a deep professional steam tile clean is that the lines are much darker than the usual lighter color. It is important to keep the grout and tile clean.
6) The Dirt Spreads Around when You Mop. The dirt and grime is not truly removed off the surface when mops spread the dirt and grime around. It is time to call in a professional tie cleaner to help you get your tile truly cleaned and rinsed if you keep trying different cleaning solutions, and you feel like you are endlessly mopping your tile and grout.

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