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Is Carpet Good for Summer in Pleasanton, CA? Deep Cleaning Allergens, Stains from High Foot Traffic & More

The summertime brings plenty of intrigue and adventure for many people. With the thoughts on what to do during the summer, few consider the carpets and how the summer effects it. You can prevent the potential harm the summer months can do to your carpets since the summer months can contribute to additional abuse compared to the rest of the year. Some of the most common issues that results from the summer months bring to carpets is what we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to share today.

High Foot Traffic

The foot traffic traipsing across the carpets significantly increases during the summer months, particularly in households that have school-aged children. You are likely to get more guests and kids are home more. The carpet is taking on more abuse in the summer than it does the rest of the year with the additional foot traffic. The comings and goings add up and it takes a toll on the carpets. Place a walk-off mat at the entry and exit points and encourage everyone to wipe their feet to help manage the dirt and debris being tracked in. Make sure to clean these mats off often. Consider placing an indoor mat on the inside of these entry points as well and likewise, keep them clean. You may want to enforce a “no shoes” rule on the carpets. Be sure to vacuum daily, if possible, otherwise, as often as you can.

Higher Risk of Mold Growth

The microscopic mold spores to take seed and grow due to the summer heat and humidity, even in the dry climates, the random rainstorms can be enough. Since the carpets often host microbes such as bacteria, mold spores, and mildew, the mold can grow easier during the summer months. The mold and mildew can spread from kids playing in the pool or even the sprinklers, the summer rain, or the natural humid climates that introduce enough moisture to the carpets. Providing mold the opportunity to cause excessive damage before it is discovered occurs because mold also prefers the dark, so the likelihood of it growing beneath carpet is high. Be sure to contain the moisture contact the best you can. After water activities, ensure little ones stay outside until they are dry or immediately up to the showers. Promptly do what you can to absorb as much as the liquid as possible with a dry towel and be sure the windows are completely closed when the summer storms move in if any water makes contact with the carpets.

Direct UV Sunlight Fades Carpets

The direct sunlight being so potent during the summer causes an increase in color fading on your carpets. Carpets can discolor from UV ray damage over time. Most don’t even notice the transition until months or even later when they move furniture around to see the comparison since it is a gradual affect.
Keep your windows cover during the hours the sun is directly shining through to avoid the carpet’s color from fading as well as the UV damage. You can provide the carpets more protection using blinds, curtains, UV film covers, and/or drapes. To even out the wear from the sunlight exposure, if you can, rearrange the furniture every 6 to 12 months.

Increase of Allergens & Pests

Insect activity and allergens are often at its peak during the summer months. The allergens and tiny insects that are inadvertently brought in on the bottom of shoes, on our pets, and so many other circumstances where they get trapped in the carpet fibers. As mentioned, utilize walk-off mats, vacuum often, and implement routine pest control maintenance.

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Whether you need help with stains and/or odors, require routine maintenance, or want to give the carpets a deep cleaning from the summer abuse, call Carpet Care 2000 and let our experts assist you!

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