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How to Avoid Carpet Ripples in Ulmar, CA; Don’t Move Heavy Furniture Over Carpets Without Sliders & More

Do you have carpet with ripples running through it? Carpet should lay flat and not have bumps or ripples on the surface. Ripples in the carpet can be caused by natural elements or abuse. When carpet develops ripples you can request carpet stretching services to come and repair your carpets. However, to prevent future rippling it helps to know how the carpet ripple occurred. Carpet Care 2000 would like to share the common causes of carpet ripples and how to prevent them.

Humidity Affects Carpet

When it comes to natural causes for carpet ripples, one of the most common is high humidity. The state of California, especially the closer you get to the coast, is very humid. Humidity can cause carpet to stretch out and expand the carpet, causing the ripples. The summer season is when the humidity is the most intense. Therefore, it is important to monitor the humidity levels in your home to prevent overstretching of the carpet. At times you may need the assistance of a dehumidifier.

Wet Carpet After Flooding Causes Ripples in Carpets

When flooding occurs on the carpet, the water can cause the same overstretching effect. When carpet has been flooded, it is important that they are dried out properly or it can result in ripples in the carpet. If you experienced a flooding and your carpets were affected, seek professional flood water repair services to ensure the carpets are cleaned and dried out properly.

Poor Installation Causes Carpet Wrinkles

The way the carpet was installed plays a major role as well. In many cases, carpet ripples are present due to poor installation. If the wrong underlayment was used, it will result in the carpet developing ripples very quickly. The quality of the carpet can also be at fault. Cheap carpet can pull away from the edges or stretch out if not acclimated to the new location.

Carpet Ripples After Cleaning

Many people, or underqualified carpet cleaning services, can also cause carpet to ripple. When cleaning carpet it is important to never oversoak the carpet and to take all of the time needed to extract the water and cleaning solution out of the carpet. Water that is too hot is also a major problem. Hot water can cause the carpet to stretch out. When cleaning carpet it is important to never oversoak the carpet and never use hot water. Another common carpet cleaning mistake that leads to ripples is using the wrong cleaning chemical on the type of carpet you have. There are natural wool blend carpets, as well as synthetic blends which require very different carpet cleaning chemicals.

Don’t Move Heavy Furniture Over Carpet Without Sliders

When dragging heavy items on top of the carpet, this will either cause the carpet to pull away from the edges or stretch them out. Dragging heavy furniture or other items on the carpet can also cause holes and damages to the carpet surface. You should never drag heavy items on carpet if you want to prevent ripples and damages to your carpets.

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It is always better to maintain your carpet and prevent rippling and other damages to the carpet. However, if ripples, holes, or other damages occur and you need carpet repairs, contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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