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How to Care for Oriental Rugs in Tracy, CA; Rotate, Change Traffic Patterns, Vacuum Without Beater Bar, Professional Cleaning & More

Many oriental rugs are made with vibrant, beautiful colors that add style and design to any room. These handcrafted rugs are delicate and require a little more care than your average area rug. It is worth it though, to have this kind of beauty in your home. Carpet Care 2000 is here to share some of these things that should be done to care for and extend the life of your oriental rugs.

Rotate Your Oriental Rug for Even Wear

One key in keeping your oriental rug is good condition is rotation. If you rug sits in the same spot all the time, over time, it will start to have wear in some places and not in others. You should rotate your rug every couple of months so that you get even wear.

Change Interior Design Traffic Patterns

Along the same lines, you want to change traffic patterns in your room occasionally for evenly distributed wear. Change the way your furniture is situated in the room so that the flow of traffic will change. This is good for your flooring as well as your area rugs.

Vacuum Oriental Rugs Without Beater Bar

When vacuuming your oriental rug, you want to do so carefully. Turning off the beater bar is recommended to keep from damaging your delicate rug. Because oriental rugs are so delicate, it is important to vacuum often and keep dirt and debris from damaging those delicate fibers.

Minimize Sunlight on Oriental Rug to Prevent Fade Spots

The bright colors of your oriental rug are probably one of the reasons you love it so much. Keeping them bright is hard if your rug is in a room that gets a good amount of natural light. The sun is incredibly damaging to the fibers of carpeting and rugs. If there is any way to limit the amount of sunlight that your oriental rug is exposed to, you should do it to keep it vibrant and beautiful.

If There’s a Spot or Stain or Your Oriental Rug, Clean It

Sometimes life just happens. Spills are going to inevitably occur. Even the most careful person occasionally spills. If you notice any spots or stains on your rug, clean them up right away. The longer the spot or stain sits on your rug, the harder it will be to remove. This could cause permanent damage to your rug. Be sure you are using cleaners that are safe for delicate rugs and definitely do a spot test before using any kind of cleaner on your rug.

Use a Pad Underneath Your Oriental Rug

It might be tempting to skip the pad under your rug, but a quality pad under your oriental rug will help keep it from sliding all over the place as well as protect it against extra wear. A quality pad under your rug is important.

Carpet Care 2000 Offers Area Rug Cleaning In Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California.

Don’t skip professional care and cleaning! Your oriental rug will last much longer if you have it professionally cleaned every 1-2 years. It will help restore the fibers as well as remove dirt and debris that is deeper in the fibers and can’t be removed by vacuuming alone. Carpet Care 2000 offers oriental rug cleaning to keep your area rug vibrant and beautiful. Call us today!

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